Nocebo Effect of Corona Virus on Human Mind

Nocebo Effect of Corona Virus on Human Mind

Nocebo Effect is a harmless thing that causes harm because you ‘believe’ its harmful. The same is happening due to the Panic of Corona Virus. Few people are falling prey to the virus due to the same Nocebo effect.

Achal Sharma (Social Scientist, Secretary, Corepeeler Foundation) informed that The nocebo effect is possibly more powerful than the flu virus in that it compromises your immune system before you’ve even had a chance to catch the actual virus.

What happens to your external environment is not under your control however your response to it, definitely is. Corona Virus is the scare of this decade which has affected the planet in all its facets.

Panic has struck at all levels of society and people are running to buy sanitizers and face masks. People do not need to panic in such a situation. I would rather suggest them to be calm, as the strongest immunity to any external situation including this virus is very much within you. Your  own Mind is the best tool for assisting you in prevention and the cure of the Corona Virus. As your mind controls the energy flows in your body and when you are in panic or in fear you tend to weaken your immunity system, as endergonic energy reactions in your body tend to release Cortisol – the stress hormone. However, as you think positive the reverse reaction takes place and you can fight the virus with a better immunity. Should you even get affected with the virus your positive thinking will help you heal faster.

You can fight with this epidemic by avoiding being in panic, take necessary external precautions and prepare yourself with a strong positive mind.

Further Socia Scientist, Achal Sharma, informed, Take necessary precautions of mindful hand washing, mindfulness of face touching and coughing/sneezing into tissue is one of the best ways to approach this. However, being strong in your belief that you will get through it will help you get through it. And believing that people around you will get through it too is greatly empowering for everyone and much more helpful than expecting that somebody you know will die.

So be the placebo and not the nocebo. Use this virus to go viral with the idea that communities can support each other and work together to eliminate threats against humanity – not just the covid virus but all nocebo-like thought forms.

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