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Of the heart and soul – Tapestry of Various Emotions

Poetry is justice to the world of cruelty and togetherness in diversity.

I had read this somewhere that a thriving poetry anthology needs two essential components: Love and Nature. The author has succeeded splendidly in putting together both of the emotions. Of the heart and soul is an indifferent set of striking verses that you can easily get lost in.

 Loved the way ‘Piyali Mitra’ being a researcher in philosophy and bioethics, weaves poetry into a musical arrangement and makes readers go deep into words and sing along. How true does it sound that the influence of poetry lies either in its music or deep sense?

When the book talks about love, it includes grief, loss, passion, and separation whereas, nature hints toward features, forces, vision, and processes. This book is a contribution to the imagination, a guide to emotions, a supplement to readers, and a gift to standard creativity.

When you are falling in love with words, you are also getting to know the writer.

Poetries have always revolved around love and nature but “Of The Heart And Soul” indicates how these two are correlated moreover fixed together without any proper evidence in the literature.

The book contains countless metaphors, a certain rhythm, and repetitions that resonate pace of sentiments and illustrations in the book gives more visual and abstract value to words.

With each segment, emotion, and stanza, the book is engaging and winning. You get forced to fall into a warm abyss, meet desire at every point evading perplexity. So, overall it gives quality verses with a string of emotions.

This is an all-embracing anthology for readers of any age and a fun compilation to read. If you are interested in reading poetry books then it’s always worth checking out anthologies like ‘OF THE HEART AND SOUL – a mellifluous whisper’.

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