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Ojas Batra: The young entrepreneur

Ojas Batra is a 16 year old entrepreneur from Agra who started his career at the tender age of 10. Ojas calls himself a purebred entrepreneur having successfully bootstrapped and sold 14 ecommerce stores based on the concept of Drop Shipping. Realising early on in his career that the education system was not equipped to impart in him skills such as effective time and money management, development of a healthy mental capacity and professional skills, Ojas dropped out of school to pursue his goals to continue learning new life and professional skills.

Although he dropped out of school, he continues to give annual exams. Meanwhile, he also acquired new skills in content writing, game development, 3D and VFX, marketing & graphic design to supplement his income stream to bootstrap his other business ideas. One of which found its roots in helping his peers understand the value of learning professional skills at a young age and to give back to the community in the form of education. The intention behind the company was simply give new and better opportunities to young minds and not to mint money.

After working on several personal projects, one of which was acquired, Ojas worked as an intern with several ed-tech, fintech and hospitality brands. During this time he was able to further develop his business acumen and communication skills. And continues to consult with many brands on their marketing projects as an individual and through his marketing agency that creates disruptive platform-to-platform strategies.

Since leaving school, Ojas has launched four companies and is currently in the process of launching a book called Teenage AF. The book is a semi-anecdotal venture into the life of a teenager in an ever changing world based on his own experience and what he believes to be wrong with the current education system. The book takes into consideration the dynamics of such a world and our individual relationships, to then impart a deep understanding: how effectively working on individual and unique skill sets can help one understand their own passion in a digitised world order.

Currently, Ojas has plans to grow his influence through public speaking, mentorship and coaching opportunities.

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