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At the time of Lockdown, where there was an atmosphere of negativity and fear in the society, Himanshu Art Institute tried to spread positive energy in the society by making all art lovers part of it through online art competition.

With this thinking, Himanshu Art Institute organized an online competition “Creativity with Positivity” social media’s platform Instagram. As per competition rules, the works sent by the participants were published for seven days on the Instagram profile page of Himanshu Art Institute and Painting Ki Pathshala. In this online competition, hundreds of participants from most of the states of India took part with great enthusiasm and they were encouraged to move forward in society.

Amateur artists, students, teachers, art lovers, and professional artists of all ages and classes participated in this online competition “Creativity with Positivity”. In terms of age, the competition was divided into two groups, the first group consisting of participants from 5 to 17 years of age and the second group consisting of participants aged 18 & above.

Most of the participants in drawing, painting, craft, sculpture, photography, and digital tried to convey a positive message to the society through their art and work skills that can infuse positive energy into the society.

After shortlisting the most liked works on the Instagram page, the winners of the competition were selected by the selection committee. The selection committee consisted of the honorable Mr. Rajesh Kumar and Mr. Sumer Singh, both are experienced artists in the art field and are fully dedicated to this field.

In both groups of the competition, the winners were given first prize – 3000/-, second prize – 2000 -, third prize – 1000/- as prizes. In addition, citations were certificates to all the participants participating in the competition. In the first group, Tanisha Gupta of Uttar Pradesh won the first prize and the second prize was won by Bhoomika of Delhi, and third prize was won by Jasreen Manocha of Delhi. In the second group, the first prize was won by Prakshi Sharma from Delhi, second prize was won by Jyoti Gupta from Haryana and Third Prize was won by Kavya Goyal from Uttar Pradesh.

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