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Overrated Feminism- Entrapping Real Men

There was a man in Delhi Metro who stood up to offer me his seat as soon as i entered the coach. His eyes were red and he seemed exhausted. He had his one hand rubbing his eye and another cloaking his yawn. He stood up not necessarily because he respects women but because like any other man he did not want bunch of people screaming at him in a coach where he came for a peaceful 15 minutes ride. But that’s what happens when one sees a “reserved” board bumping on their face.
|| Bhoomika Mohan

There is much discussed these days about empowering women and saving them from men.

What if now is the time to save men!

Many a times, I see people trying to stop one of these conversations before they even begin by saying-“Men Will Be Men, No Matter What.”

Feminism went wrong when we as a society started believing and proving that a woman is weak. Real men got trapped when the hurdle named feminism stood unnecessarily stuck giving women chances to take undue advantages of women protection rights.

These days men are threatened by the cases of fake rape attempts, fake dowry and fake domestic violence.

Delhi Commission for Women published a report first in 2014 declaring 53% of rapes reported in the capital the previous year as “false”. This however is continued till today and the rates have been no less than that of 2014.

“Of all the rape cases registered, only 1% are genuine. The rest are either registered to take revenge or to take advantage of the person in some financial matter.” Says Vinay Sharma, a Delhi based attorney who regularly defends men accused of rape.

Data journalist Rukmini Shrinivasan, on her research found that Stranger rape- the one most reported in India was a very small category. It accounted for just 12 out of 460 registered cases.

The fight for equality goes for a toss the moment a woman demands reservation. Rightly enough,  women in our country don’t have equal rights and have been oppressed for ages, but by taking the reserved seat in public transport they’re only alienating themselves even more from men. It instead sends out a message that she is weak, incapable and incompetent. A stronger security system however for all, can bring home possibilities for betterment.

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Chances of a man being charged with falsely obtaining consent for sex if he promises to marry a woman and then changes his mind are reportedly very high. Families are more willing to have the stigma of rape rather than having the stigma of their daughter choosing to spend physical time with her partner.

Society today should act as a single unit. If we actually want equal rights, we should be ready to wear each other’s shoes. Females should be ready to be treated the same way that males get to. More laws protecting males should be made and considered. Awareness about male molestation needs to be spread where schools should begin to teach and update young boys with the real life male molestation incidents.

Society needs to stop expecting extra favours.

Believe in empowering women and educating them to prove that she is strong. If we are demanding equal rights, we should also be prepared to be treated as equals and earn the position as equals.

Bhoomika Mohan

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