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Spring fashion in India…

NAAZ JOSHI By and large India see only two major seasons.. Either summer or festive season. People hardly spend on spring and fall seasons.. International market designs for Spring Summer Monsoon Fall Winters Holidays But as I mentioned that Indian runway talks about either summer and festive seasons. The best way to dress up for Read More

Body Balancing with Gemstones

By Akassh K Aggarwal   How in the world can a rock help us to heal? The idea of a stone healing a human being must seem ridiculous to anyone who has yet to experience it… To understand this, it is important to first have some sense of how the natural holistic healing process works. Read More

Fashion or Style?

By Shahnaz Husain   I have never been one to follow fashion trends blindly, because I think style is more important than fashion. Style is something more individual. It is a personal touch, which goes far beyond fashion. Today, the good thing is that there is more freedom to follow styles that really suit your Read More

Does All that Glitters is Gold??

Some tips to recognize right piece of gold jewelry when you buy… by Akassh K Aggarwal Whether you are shopping for a special occasion or treating yourself, purchasing gold jewelry can be a delightful experience. Gold is a precious metal that retains its value. It is also durable and will last indefinitely with proper care. Read More

And the crown goes to…

The most awaited moment is finally here. Miss Philippines Sophia Senoron was crowned the inaugural edition of Miss Multinational 2017/2018 during the finals of the pageant held at the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurugram, India. She defeated twelve other contenders for the title. First runner-up is Miss Germany, Saskia Kuban and 2nd Runner-up is Miss Read More

Never give up

The story though is a work of fiction yet the writer hopes that some day it becomes an inspiration for someone in a distressful situation and gives the strength to come out triumphantly.   A Story by Dheeraj Kale           The day commenced like any other day that morning. Himani was scurrying Read More

Joining Allies, Trump Orders Expulsion of 60 Russians Over Poison Attack in Britain

WASHINGTON — President Trump ordered the expulsion of 60 Russians from the United States on Monday, adding to a growing cascade of similar actions taken by western allies in response to Russia’s alleged poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain. Poland, Italy, Denmark, Canada and Germany also announced plans on Monday to expel Russians Read More

Many Democratic voters and activists are giddy about their party’s chances of retaking the House in 2018.

Many Democratic voters and activists are giddy about their party’s chances of retaking the House in 2018. Savoring surprise victories in Alabama, Pennsylvania and Virginia, they have visions of a blue wave election. If political history were the only guide, they would be right. Polls in recent days have shown Democrats with around a 9-point average Read More

Trump Just Pushed the World Trade Organization Toward Irrelevance

GENEVA — The handsome stone edifice that serves as the headquarters for the World Trade Organization rises like a fortress over Lake Geneva, projecting an air of impregnability. But lately the institution looks vulnerable, sowing worries that global commerce itself may be in jeopardy. As the United States accuses China of predatory trading practices while Read More

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