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Painkillers may worsen your joint pain, Give relief in pain like a friend- TrustMed Ortho

Rush hours and super busy schedules are creating havoc in our lives. Sedentary lifestyle, sleeping and getting up late, and consuming junk food not only ruin our physical well-being but also disrupt our mental health. And as a result, our health and immune system start getting compromised. That’s why muscle pain and sprains have become very common even at a young age. Actually, malnutrition, lack of physical activities, standing for a very long period of time, and sitting in the same position for hours makes our muscles stiff and our joints and muscles start aching. If not treated on time, it can worsen the problem. Although it should not be taken lightly people usually consider it very normal and pop up over-the-counter available painkillers. A layman doesn’t know much about any medicine, thus those medicines may bring some relief in pain but their side effects get ignored.

Insufficient knowledge is very dangerous

According to experts people usually buy fitness products either recommended by others or by watching delusional ads. And as a result, their health starts getting deteriorating. Managing Director of ‘SPM Medicare Private Ltd.’ Umang Mathur says that nowadays fake and delusional ads are claiming to banish any kind of pain but as a matter of fact most of such products are Marketed giving. Instead of providing any relief, can increase the chances of a number of side effects.

“Painkillers cannot ease any type of pain permanently. But prolonged usage of such painkillers may affect their potency of them on the body. And if the situation gets worse then steroid injections may be required, which again has very dangerous side effects,” says Mathur.

The first test then choose

Although it’s not absolutely correct that the usage of fitness products and painkillers always deteriorates health. But one should choose them wisely. In other words, before taking any such medicine one should get proper information, instructions, and effects of that particular product. Considering this problem ‘SPM Medicare Private Limited’ has launched an online platform ‘TrustMed’ to clear all doubts and myths related to health products.
The Brand has been officially launched by Dr. Ravinder Singh, Scientist D, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), and Mr. Umang Mathur (MD- SPM Medicare Pvt. Ltd.) at the GATEC Exhibition

All health products are available on this online platform at very reasonable prices. Not only this, customers can get all important information and institutions about these products free of cost.
Talking about this new venture Mathur says, “We understand the effects of injuries and joint pain.
We know how these problems can weaken the body. That’s why we are committed to providing high-quality ortho care products to our customers so that they can get the right product with the correct information as per their requirements.

The aim of TrustMed Ortho Care is to supply quality products with appropriate knowledge to their customers so that they can get the best of solutions without compromising with health.” is an online platform where under ortho categories cervical, shoulder, arm, wrist, and forearm guard, clavicle guard, chest, abdominal, back splints, knee and finger guard, ankle foot and emergency guard, and foot and bandage kind of useful ortho products are available.

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