Undoubtedly, there are terrible things happening to peoples health, their lives and the economy in the year “2020” by the COVID-19 pandemic. The India COVID-19 lockdown is said to be the largest lockdown in history.
|| Neha Jain

The economic and social activities, travel plans, weekend plannings all have come to a halt. It has adversely affected the employment and growth of the economy. At least 49 million people are expected to plunge into “extreme poverty “ as a result of pandemic’s direct economic destruction and India leads that projection, with some 12  crore of its citizens expected to be pushed to the very margins this year.

With the coronavirus sweeping across the world it is also inducing a considerable amount of fear and panic among the people which is leading to psychological, mental and physical health issues.

But as it is said, “Incredible change happens in our life when we  decide to take control of what we  do have power over instead of craving control over what we don’t.”

So in the spirit of GRATITUDE I have brainstormed some positive effects of this lockdown and quarantine period.

We have now fewer expenses, the world has become concerned about their health, we are eating healthy, we are spending quality time with our family, we are re-wiring with ourselves, we have all the time to pursue our hobbies like reading, gardening, cooking, meditation, painting. With fewer vehicles on the road the pollution level has decreased tremendously.

So with the positive note and optimistic approach I will conclude, “AS THE DAWN COMES AFTER DARKNESS, THIS TOO SHALL PASS”…

Neha Jain

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