The Supreme Court expressed deep concern over the deaths of people in accidents due to pits in the streets across the country on Friday. The top court said that the number of people who lost lives in such accidents is more than those killed in terror attacks.

A bench of Justice Madan B Lokur said that a large number of people are being killed in accidents due to the potholes. This is a very serious issue and deserves the dependent compensation for those who lost their lives due to these pits. In the matter of road safety, the bench directed the court’s committee to submit the report in two weeks in this regard.

Alone in 2017 as many as 3597 people have died unfortunately due to path holesw across the nation. Therefore the  Supreme Court’s quote of people dying more due to pits and path holes than terror attack is absolutely the facts on ground zero.

This huge number of deaths due to laxity in making roads across the country is surprisingly 50% higher in comparison to 2016.

As per the current spastics , at one hand 803 people were killed by terror attack in this nation ,on the other hand the death toll due to path holes on our roads across the country touched 3597 only in the year of 2017.

Only in the National Capital of India 8 people were killed due to path holes in various parts of Delhi in 2017.

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