PECUC organized 3 day workshop on Tobacco Control Program in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Tobacco prevention and control is the need of the hour in Odisha, addressed by Ranjan Kumar Mohanty, Secretary, in a three-day physical workshop on tobacco control organsied by Peoples Cultural Centre (PECUC)in Bhubaneswar.  E-Cigarettes are getting popular among youth in these days and catchy advertisements misguide youth to consume tobacco products, he highlighted during his key note address.

The children and youth must be emphasized to control tobacco. Role of teachers and parents are equally important in tobacco eradication programme. Rural people need to be sensitized about the impact of tobacco, emphasized by Ms. AnuradhaMohanty, Executive Director, PECUC during the introductory session. Forty five SHGs women leaders and members from different parts of Odisha participated actively in the workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to sensitize the women SHG group members on tobacco control,tobacco consumption and itsimpact on health, income, education and family.

Other distinguished experts expressed their views during deliberation on the workshop highlighting the importance of tobacco control and have skeptical eyes on tobacco prevention. Tobacco has to be considered as socially stigmatize product. Cigarette/ tobacco shouldn’t be considered as social status symbol. It is also affecting our economic status as well.Maximum number of oral cancer in India is found due to extensive use of tobacco. Four thousand different types of chemicals are used in tobacco other than nicotine. Young adults are mostly affected or addicted to tobacco. They expressed their view that mostly people are suffering from stomach pain and oral cancer because of extensive tobacco usein India.More stringent and enforcement of ant-tabacco law can only protect our society.

Experts opined that media is playing a big role to attract young generation for tobacco consumption. For example: the advertisement, which encourage to the young girls to consume tobacco saying tobacco can help to reduce weight.Depression, anxiety, fear etc. are causing due to tobacco consumption. Women are affected indirectly from 2nd hand smoke and 3rd hand smoke and dying due to these reasons. Various experts suggest that media is playing a key role in controlling the tobacco use as well role of individuals is equally important.

Dr. Krupa Sindhu Panda, Professor (Rtd) Oncologist, BBSR, Dr. SwaroopMohanty, Dental Surgeon, Radhika Khajuria, Senior Policy Consultant, CTFK,Mr. Ranjit Singh, Advocate Supreme Court of India and an expert on Tabacco, Dr. Rijo john, economist on ‘Tabacco Taxation’,Jaspreet Kaur Pal, principal consultant South Asia communication, CTFK,and G. S Mishra were the key speakers and experts for this three days workshop.

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