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People are Unaware about the Emotional Imbalance during Mensuration

The stress related issues out of mensturation have compounded the increasing divorce rates in the country.

An MBA graduate from Indian Maritime University, Mukesh Kumar Shahi is a passionate Indian author from the state of Gautam Buddha (Bihar). After the runway success of his previous two books “Mind Gives Opportunity” and “Kohinoor in You” to become a modern writer he brings “Period and Emotion” to educate millions of people, especially women. Apart from being an MBA, Mr. Shahi is a Computer Science graduate from Delhi University who has mastered upon various arts as a teacher, speaker, career counselor, palm reader, fitness and nutrition consultant.

Author Mukesh Kumar Shahi

“Period and Emotion” is a book designed for all human beings, especially for millions of women and girls who are suffering directly or indirectly from the menstrual problems, emotions and the infections which are happening due to unawareness. Many of the men or women are still in the state of confusion that what to do and what not to do at the time of menstruations. A lot of questions becomes invetiable during this state which includes; “What are symptoms behind it? What is the exact time? What is the menstrual cycle? Why there is a change in menstrual cycle? What to take? What to avoid? What is the importance of sanitary PAD? What are other infections that happen due to menstruation? Why she reacts and nobody even understands her? What is the history behind it? What is the remedy? Why men do not understand the problems faced by women? Why people are not serious about it?”.

All the answers and advices regarding what to do, what not to do and the chemistry behind the period and emotions have been explained in a lucid manner for an easy understanding of the common masses. Even in this age of globalization, where we boast of ultra-modern societies, a major chunk of people are unaware about the emotional flow and the chemical tonic which they fail to harness. The lack of knowledge becomes a bone of contention between people and especially couples who feel utterly stressed. These issues have compounded the increase ng divorce rate.

This book is also highly recommended to all people from different profiles – either he is an engineer, doctor, businessman, leader, actor, actress, labour, working or householders – to know the period and emotions and understand the feeling of women and her problems and also ready to co-operate to live a better and healthy life.

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