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(A sombre, sensual tale of ecstasy)

A tale of love
Though miles apart
Bodies craving for touch
As it is Long Distance

Late at night
I dreamt of thy touch
I slept calmly
With thy soothing thoughts

I woke up with
Thy kiss inching my lips
For last night we were lost
In eachothers unleashed love

We roamed in my thoughts
In dim dark sphere
Where the shy moonbeam
Stealing over the scene

Where the rustling of leaves
Were at bliss
From thy wondering eyes
I stole a kiss

Dank air with the
Beauty of dew
Shaded feels of pain
With your smile so true

Glow worms lit up
Shinning your face so bright
Cheek pressed to cheek
And the night was spent;
Under the trees

Hot and sweet
Music of the breeze
Mingled with our hair
Creating a sweet melody

Breaths came in and went out
Rhythmic to our passion
So sportive the eyes played in
Swayed our mood higher

Lip crushed against lip
Tastes like sweet berries
Unlace thine trueself
For that harmonious chime

Whatever will happen tonight
Later thy body will hunt mine
The sweet lovemaking of thine
So tender and delicate

Unpin that strangled breastplate
The fools eyes must hath stopped
Curl thyself in perfect curve
Like a bow ! My Love

Complete nakedness
All joys are ‘coz of thee
Both our wilderness revealed
Like when the flowery meads!
Th’hills shadow steals

When thine body moved
Under my fingers
I charged and waited
And leashed my patience

Thou laying naked and bold
I was painting a poetry on your body
With every touch you blossomed
Your moans echoed in the woods

Carving words of love
Upon thy soul
Touching thou catch midnight
Still I wanted to paint more

Like an old wish came true
Rise out from the ashes of the yew
For your beauteous soul so pure
All these while I loveth thou

Bodies beholding eachother
So warm so pure
A red flush covered our face
It will run its course; course of fire

Thou know how badly
I crave for thy warmth
We will always perceive
Thou and I hath merged in

Speak in my ear thy voice
“This could be death or buried sleep
Hath faith my Love ,nay its not death
This is a living dream”.

So so lost we were
In each others arms
Thereon I woke and
On my lips thy kiss

©Seetal Jena

About Seetal Jena

Seetal Jena

Hey, Crush is the most beautiful person one can have in her life. And everyone have crushes on someone and so do She. She found books as her most beautiful crush since her childhood. Hailing from Bhubaneshwar, Odisha she is Seetal Jena, a nature lover, a pluviophile and a princess of her own dreamland. Whatever she feels, she jot it down. To be true, She considers herself a painter who wants to paint all her emotions through her pen.

She writes in English, Hindi and Odia. But, she has an obsession in writing in English since she is pursuing M.A. in English literature. Sometimes instead of Pens, brushes found a place in her fingers as she loves to paint her imaginations in her free time too. She has awesome ways of expressing herself through poetry. She has started writing at a very early age. She is a Published writer now with the publication of her quotes and poetries in numerous anthologies and magazines of yearly published books of Odia Sahitya Academy.

She basically deals with the themes of Love, Romance, Heart Break, Sadness, Depression, Trust, True Love, Soul Mate, Friendship, Nature.  Being an aspiring Poetess she pour her heart out through her pen in her writings. After reading her works the reader feels a complete Cathersis. It Purgates all their feelings and emotions bringing out Tears and Happiness buried in.

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