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Pollution became the common issue of this election

This is happening for the first time when the issue of pollution seems to be dominating all other issues in the elections. Pollution is an important issue in elections this time which is raised by all National parties including some newly formed Political parties. All parties have given immense importance to pollution in their manifesto.
|| Dheeraj Kale

Significantly today’s big political party like BJP is campaigning raising the issue of Article 370 more followed by issues like Nationalism and patriotism. In such a situation, it seems no clarity about the vision of BJP about it’s the stance to tackle the worse situation of pollution everywhere in the nation.

Apart from this, the first candidate of Gurgaon from Aam Aadmi Party has released his vision document for Gurgaon, in which he included pollution as a major issue of the city.

In the meantime, Yogendra Yadav’s formed Swaraj India also has raised the issue of pollution. After this, Both the Congress and BJP did add this issue in their respective Manifestoes. It’s absolutely loud and clear that pollution is the major concern for all parties, despite may any one’s government is formed.

After the election results, the new government will tell who is more concerned about pollution.

If we talk about Gurgaon and Faridabad, the pile of garbage on the ‘Bandhwadi plant’ exposes the present BJP government’s concern about the increasing pollution.

It seems that the issue of pollution for the BJP Government in the state of Haryana is nothing but an additional line of the manifesto.

In the last 5 years, there has been a mountain of garbage in ‘Bandhwadi Plant’. In order to control the pollution, neither old diesel autos were banned from Haryana nor a sufficient amount of government transport was arranged. People still depend on these pollution ridden autos even to travel a short distance.

Newborn parties showing more seriousness

The new parties like Swaraj India or Aam Aadmi Party, both in fact are currently showing seriousness on the issue of pollution.

Swaraj India has set the entire vision document for pollution and garbage disposal before the media. According to this, the problem of the garbage of Gurgaon and Faridabad and the pollution can be wiped out easily only if the government has the political will to prove it.

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