Post Pulwama attack: The Entire India intends to know Answers of These Questions

The Pulwama attack is the biggest attack yet on Indian soldiers over the last several years. On February 14, the Jaish-e-Mohammad attacked a CRPF convoy in which a suicidal Bomber killed more than 40 soldiers.

On the one hand, after the attack, where the whole country is in anger, on the other hand, there are many questions arising on the government and on the information system of the country. These are questions those  the government has not answered so far.

Questions related to the Pulwama attack, whose answers are awaiting

  1. After the attack, the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir said that intelligence input was received but it was ‘ignored’. The biggest question is that if the intelligence related to this attack was received, why was not it taken seriously by the Country’s Home Ministry?

  2. It takes months to prepare for such a big attack, in the meantime how it was possible that neither the Army nor the Country’s Home Ministry could not able to know about? So isn’t absolutely a failure of India’s Intelligence System ?

  3. Jammu-Srinagar highway is one of those roads where strict security standards in the country are applicable. All common vehicles are examined strictly on this highway. After all, how could a car filled with 300 kg. of explosives dodge on the highway’s by-passing the high security?

  4. How did the 250-300 kilogram explosive brought to India from abroad, and if it did not bring out from the outside, how did the  attackers get such a huge amount of lethal RDX in India?

  5. Was not it Possible to Air-Lift  all the 2547 soldiers?

Important questions for defense experts

Retired Lieutenant General DS Hooda had led a surgical strike to India on behalf of India in 2016. After the Pulwama attack, he raised the question, “It is not possible that such a large amount of explosion  couild bring from across the border.”

Lieutenant General DS Hooda says, “The explosive would have been concealed and used in this attack. We need to think again about our relations with our neighboring country.”

Congress has formed a committee to give advice on defense matters, led by Lieutenant General Hooda.

Former Raw Chief Vikram sood, told the news agency ANI , “The attack could not have been done without any security deficit. I do not know how the mistake happened, but such incidents could not be confused with security.”

During a seminar in Hyderabad, Sood said, “There is more than one person involved in this attack.” Someone would have arranged the car, they would have been aware of the road to the CRPF convoy, a whole group attacked this attack.

After the attack, the central government has taken some decisions in view of the safety of the soldiers. Now the troops of paramilitary forces will be able to get free air travel to visit and go to Srinagar.

According to an order issued by the Home Ministry, paramilitary forces personnel will be able to make a trip  between Delhi-Srinagar, Srinagar-Delhi, Jammu-Srinagar and Srinagar-Jammu absolutely free of cost.This order will apply to all the soldiers of the Central Armed Forces.

This order will benefit 7 lakh 80 thousand jawans of paramilitary forces. These include constable, head constable and ASI  and all other jawans. These jawans had no facility to travel in these areas till now.

Traffic will be stopped during the passage of a major convoy in Jammu and Kashmir.

In Srinagar, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said, “In view of the kind of criminal attack on the CRPF convoy, the decision has been taken that the traffic of ordinary people will be stopped for a short period of time while going to the big cafe. We apologize for the inconvenience that may occur for a while. “



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