Pre-maturity delivery of the girl in the Air Asia plane: Died Newborn left in toilet

It is believed  that the tissue paper was muddled in the dead child’s mouth. The police will find out from the postmortem that when the child was born, the child was not alive or which was killed later. The police suspects that the girl had to eat something to get the delivery so that she could give birth to the child before the flight landed in Delhi and the matter would end there. But finally the sin of a Mother unveiled naturally seems the God’s intention to punish the guilty.

It is known that the 19-year-old girl had this child, she is from Assam and is not married .According to sources, he is also a Taekwondo player and was going abroad to participate in the tournament. On Thursday, he had to take a foreign flight from Delhi. Flight number 15-784 of Air Asia landed at Terminal-3 of IGI Airport at around 3 pm on Wednesday, then the manager of the airline informed the incident to the Delhi Police. The police has taken possession of the body of the newborn.

Via Imphal and Gauhati a 19 year old girl was travelling to Delhi from where she had to take an International Flight.The  girl got pre-mature delivery on the flight coming  to Delhi. The incident took place about half an hour before landing in Delhi when the plane was in the air. After delivery, the girl sat down on her seat. An air hostess saw the newborn in the airplane toilets and reported to the flight captain. After that the inquiries of women passengers started. Then the girl told that it was the delivery of her..

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