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Precautions taken against Effect of Coronavirus Outbreak

Government of India has taken a serious note of the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus in China and has also taken various measures to monitor the situation in relates to this virus led disease in India.

|| Anjan Kumar Samal

Eventually after the report of huge number of cases were recorded in Wuhan City of Hubei province in, Government of India stepped in and  initiated approaches to evacuate students and professionals working in Hubei province. As per the latest report, 645 persons were evacuated and have been kept in two Quarantine Centres, [(243 kept at Manesar (DG, AFMS) and 402 Chawla Camp (ITBP)]. The samples collected from all evacuees have tested negative. All evacuees are being monitored and consequently are clinically stable too.

Still now three confirmed cases of novel Coronavirus disease have been reported from the state of  Kerala in India. All these causalities have been hospitalized, receiving treatment and are also reported to be clinically perfect and stable.

Screening of all passengers has been started at all 21 airports. Universal screening has been made compulsory for all flights from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Appropriate instructions have been issued to park these flights at earmarked aero-bridges to facilitate a perfect screening to all the passengers.

The government has organized a special training for the officers of ports, airports and border crossing points and has sensitized them on management of higher risk pathogens such as Ebola and Coronavirus.

Thermal scanners and hand held thermal detectors have been placed at 21 airports along with other needed requirements like doctors, nurses and paramedic staff at the airports for an effective and convenient screening of passengers.

World Health Organization (WHO) also has issued various guidelines pertaining to nCoV outbreak those are available on the website of WHO.

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has issued proper guidelines to support states on Surveillance and contact tracing, Surveillance at Points of Entry, Laboratory samples collection, packaging, transport in addition to Clinical management protocol and Infection prevention along with control in healthcare facilities.

Gram Sabhas(Village Meetings) have been organized in villages adjoining the border areas to spread awareness among people about the disease and precautions that to be taken in collaboration with Panchayati Raj Ministry.


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