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Progenies of Purusottam Ram Chandra should be Encompassed in the Ram Temple Trust: Raja Ashok Thakur

The historic verdict has come on the issue of Ram temple. With the decision of Honorable Apex Court of India in favor of Ram Lalla, the way of construction of the temple has been found loud and clear.

Various responses on this decision constructing Ram Temple have emerged from various sections of Indian Society. In this sequence, the reactions of many King’s families of India have also surfaced.The decision given by the Honorable Supreme Court in the Ayodhya case in the Babri Masjid dispute case has been welcomed by many kings families in the country.

Raja Dr. Ashok K Thakur

The King and Doctor Ashok Kumar Thakur, member of the royal family of ‘Siba State’, thanked the entire court along with the existing Union Government of India. Raja  Ashok Thakur has requested the government of India to include one of the successors of Purusottam, Shri Ramchandra in the trust to be built for the construction of Ram temple.

Some successors of Shri Ram Chandra had also appeared through the media in the last few days. According to King Ashok Thakur, keeping in view the history, being a successors of Shri Ram Chandra Ji, they have every right to be part of this historic construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

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