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PULSE OXIMETER- to quickly check blood oxygen level 

Just after the COVID episode blanketed the entire world, we all came to know about the pulse oximeter device. While talking about it, some basic questions arises in everyone’s mind like what this device is for, how is it used and which companies manufacture these devices.
||Pratyasha Mohanty, Odisha

A Pulse Oximeter is a small device which measures with high accuracy the oxygen concentration in your blood as well as your heart rate, both of which are essential factors when it comes to analyzing your heart health. This device shows you how efficient your lungs are at extracting oxygen from the air you breathe in.
Using the device is quite easy, all you need to do is, clip the device into peripheral areas like your finger, toe or the ear where the skin is thin so that the device can painlessly measure the Peripheral Oxygen Saturation which is shown on the device as SpO2. And the bottom line of this device shows how well your lungs are working to pump oxygen in your blood through your body.
As we all know, COVID 19 virus affects our lungs the most. This has a direct bearing on the oxygen concentration in our blood. The infection causes our lungs to be filled with fluids and pus which makes it difficult to breathe, a condition known as COVID-pneumonia. Thus an oximeter can help by confirming the SpO2 levels, thereby helping in early detection and treatment of COVID pneumonia. Yet another example would be to detect COVID with mild symptoms like fever and cough before the breathlessness sets in.  Other than that if you are a trekker or adventure lover you can use this device while trekking at high altitude when the oxygen concentration is less. This device will help you track the oxygen saturation and to see how well your body is responding to the environment. Adding to that it can also find out if you have any undetected heart issues.

The pulse oximeter can be used on a daily basis to check your health condition. To check a person’s oxygen saturation with increased physical activity. Or if someone is taking lung medication or in ventilator to check if it is working properly or to check if a person has sleep apnea.

A pulse oximeter is a compact device and some of these devices even come with an alarm that will switch on and off the device as per your needs and ensure that you do not miss checking.
There are a variety of pulse oximeters available in the market today.



Some of the best pulse oximeters in India are being listed. All these are easily available online too within a price range of Rs.1k to Rs.5K.

  • Shadow Securitronics Swadesi Smartcare Saver 50D Pulse oximeter: measures your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. This device is designed with Audio Visual Alarm and Oxygen Saturation Monitor Plethysmograph.
  • Newnik Fingertip Pulse oximeter with audio : has an automatic on and off system. It quickly displays the blood oxygen level, pulse rate, pulse strength and more that can be easily viewed on 4-directional LED display. It is water-resistant, has a buzzer alarm and even comes with a low battery indicator.
  • BPL Medical Technologies Smart oxy finger tip Pulse oximeter; This made in India oximeter is designed and developed by BPL and boasts of an accuracy of +/- 2% in SpO2 detection as well as +/- 2bpm while detecting heart rate. With a sleek build and large digital display, this is one of the best oximeters in terms of accuracy and has user-friendly design with user-configurable alarm.
  • Dr Trust Professional series Fingertip Pulse oximeter : an accurate device which gives fast readings compared to other oximeters. It helps determine your blood oxygen saturation level (SPO2), Perfusion Index, respiratory rate, pulse rate and pulse bar graph accurately and in a short time. Other features include water resistance, alarm and multi-directional OLED screen. Hypoallergenic latex free material which can be used by people with sensitive skin.
  • MEDITIVE Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with alarm feature : This affordable oximeter by Meditive has a compact LED screen which has a clear display and also shows signal when battery is low. You can adjust and use the visual buzzer alarm to ensure that you do not forget checking the readings.


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