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Pump The break – Need of the Pandemic

This COVID-19 pandemic has shaken us to our core existence. No one could imagine in their wildest imagination that we would face something remotely like this. Apart from financial and economic implications, emotional toil has been too much for most people to handle. There are reported cases of rise in anxiety and depression levels as well as domestic abuse.
|| Dr. Vinita Malik

With no end in sight, the daily dose of fear and isolation is causing a great amount of psychological trauma.

No doubt, these are unprecedented times but these are also the times that provide the best opportunity to introspect.

No one can ever predict the ways of nature or how or when a calamity would strike but we can always strive to minimize its effects especially on mind and body.

Most of us are still blessed to have enough on our plates and thankful for our health but still we are all anxious about getting back to normal. What normal are we talking about? It is high time to pause and think.

In the age of Globalization and Consumer Marketing, we forgot our basic needs and ourselves. We took for granted our culture of mind full living and joined the bandwagon of work hard, party harder.

Our success and failures all became about our worldly possessions, smart phones and insta followers. In an attempt to post that perfect selfie, we forgot to enjoy that perfect moment.

Our smiles became pouts and birthday wishes became a post on facebook.

The idea of the perfect life was sold to us and we bought like a box of free candy. Our self esteemed is trampled with and our confidence is ridiculed to make us feel inferior till the time we are not living in a particular way. We are fed that we are not smart enough if we don’t have the latest smart phone. The sad part is that we believe it and actually fall for all these gimmicks, especially the young children and adults. The pressure of Social media and to fit in ruined the small pleasures of life. We all dreamed about a perfect world and it collapsed in front of us like a house of card. The decadence of quality of life signified with the rise of drug abuse and mental disorders.

Think of this pandemic to get back to actual life and things that matter. Let’s learn to be mindful of our needs, actions and thoughts.

The universe responds to our energies. Rather than always cribbing, let’s sit down for a moment and savour that moment. We are living but it’s time to feel alive.

We are making history right now. Let’s take the responsibility to show our future generations the right path of mindful living. Let’s show them that we learned from our mistakes, took responsibility and tried our level best to heal the planet and ourselves.

Few of the simple techniques that can help us to be mindful of our actions and thoughts-

Screen Time

Be honest –how much time you are spending on screen working or enhancing your skills and how much is just mindless scrolling. It will make an immense difference to your daily routine. You will be surprised how much time you can afford to do things that actually matter.

Eating habit

Show respect to your food that it deserves. Be conscious of what you eat and how much you eat. Fix a time for eating and try your best to stick to it. Make a promise to yourself that you will leave your phone aside while eating. Be thankful for the energy and nourishment the food provides you.

Being Aware of your thoughts and emotions.

If we do not sit with ourselves and talk to ourselves, how will we become aware of what’s happening inside us? If we can’t befriend ourselves, how will we be good friends to others? Sit with yourself even if it for 2-3 minutes initially. Do not try to drown the noise in your head by outside stimulation always. Listen to it. Give it sometime. It will become out to talk e clear slowly. You will be amazed to find a wonderful person inside you.

Talk to children and elders alike

Take time out to talk to children and elders in the house everyday. You will realize that life is about simple things and even simpler joys. They will always love you, no matter what. You work so hard to provide them with every luxury but the truth is they can live happily without few of them but they need you and your time. Set an example for kids by being there simply.

In the words of  Pema Chodron (She is a Buddhist nun and author of several books about mindfulness),”Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite. It actually takes guts.”

Are you ready to show your guts?

Vinita Malik is a dentist by profession, now a stay-at-home mother. Various facets of the human mind attract her, and she is now following her passion of writing, exploring the experiences of human life. An avid runner, fitness keeps her motivated. She is proud of where she's reached in life, and even prouder of her outlook. Connect with her via Instagram, 
Twitter, or Facebook.

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Manan September 18, 2020 at 3:28 am

Lovely write up. Much needed small but important reminder about being mindful.

Manan September 18, 2020 at 3:30 am

Much needed small but important reminders. Lovely write up.


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