Rafael Deal done with a French company:Reliance

Anil Ambani’s company Reliance , which was stuck in a political dispute over the Rafael fighter aircraft deal. Today , the company has clarified that it has not received any contract of fighter aircraft from the Ministry of Defense. The company said that intentional and false allegations are being made  deliberately to mislead people on this issue.

Responding to various questions, the group said that the French company Dasalt had to supply 36 Rafael fighter aircraft to the Indian government. The Defense Ministry has no role in the selection of partners in India by the foreign company.

There will be no role of HAL or any other production agency in this. Rajesh Dhingra, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Reliance Defense said that under the agreement on the level of governments of both the countries, India should access directly the supply 36 aircraft fully prepared for the flight. This means that these fighter aircrafts need to be exported from France by the Desalt company.

Dhangra told PTI on phone, “No company of Reliance  Group has received any contract for the 36 Rafale aircraft from the Ministry of Defense so far. All the allegations are being made are baseless and wrong. ”

It is notable that the opposition Congress is demanding a probe from the joint parliamentary committee of the deal. Party President Rahul Gandhi is constantly criticizing the NDA government over the Rafale airline deal at a higher price than the former UPA government. They alleged that the government has altered the deal to benefit its loved one ‘industrialist’.

In response, Dhangra said, “Under the defense procurement process, the Ministry of Defense has no role in foreign companies to select their Indian partners.This situation is from 2005 when the ‘Offset’ policy was introduced in the country.

He said that till now more than 50 offset (export obligation) contracts were signed in the country, the same process was adopted in all of them.”Therefore, it is deliberately saying such things to mislead the people.”

Dhangra said that these allegations were completely wrong that Reliance would get the benefit of contract of Rs 30,000 crore. He said that Dassalt’s share of offset liability is about 25 percent while the remaining offset liability is related to the themaly, sefran, MBDA and others.


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