Rahul gave this ‘Challenge’ to PM Modi to Debate on the Issue of Rafale Deal

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on ‘Rafale Deal’ fiercely attacked the Modi government

After the huff on the Rafael issue in Parliament, the party realized that BJP cornered Rahul inside the parliament for which the Congress hit a press conference . In the said Press conference ,Rahul targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi  and Arun Jaitley.

Rahul Gandhi’s did challenge to debate Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of Rafale deal for 20 minutes. Rahul Gandhi urged that have you heard the audio tape. A Minister of Goa was clearly informed by Parrikar in which Parikar has told  that  Rafael’s file is in his bed room and no one can spoil anything.

There was a debate on the floor of Parliament in which Rahul Gandhi did dare to ask 5 following questions ,straight targeting the Prime Minister of India on ‘Rafale Deal’.

  1. “Why was the Indian Air Force’s demand for 126 aircraft changed to 36 aircraft? Who changed the requirement of the Air Force?”
  2. “If you needed the aircraft urgently, why has no single Rafale aircraft landed on India soil until today?”
  3. “Why did the price go from Rs 526 crore an aircraft to Rs 1,600 crore?”
  4. “Isn’t it true that Defence Ministry officials objected to the new price of Rs 1,600 crore against Rs 526 crore earlier?
  5. “Why did you give this contract to your dear friend Mr AA and cost the exchequer Rs 30,000 crore?”

Rahul said, “The question is, what is the information in Parrikar’s room and what files are and what is the effect of PM Modi on it?”

Not only this, Rahul challenged PM Modi to debate at every point in the Rafael Deal. The Congress President said that PM Modi will not argue with him because he does not have the courage in connection with Rafale Deal. Rahul once again showed aggressive stance and said that the facts of this deal show that ‘the watchman is a thief’.


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