Rahul got the support of Dr. Kumar Vishwas

While discussing the  no-confidence motion against the Modi government in the parliament ,Rahul Gandhi’s speech was in the discussion on Friday. In this speech, he encircled the Modi government with his 1st ever sharp attack on the issues of  farmers, Raphael Deals and unemployment including the Promise of  15lakh  that Mr. Prime Minister to give every Indian .

After the speech, Rahul embraced PM Modi. After this, he paused his eyes while sitting on his seat and pointed towards the PM. Soon after this , people started making fun of Rahul in various social Media.

In support of Mr. Gandhi , Dr Kumar Biswas twitted that When in this House of Parliament , People of India have already experienced many unparliamentarily acts crossing all the lines of integrity of Parliament , there Rahul only paused his one eye for a second .Even Dr Biswas appealed by his tweet to Opposition to make their heart big.

Even one user of social Media urged that Mr. Gandhi won Millions Heart by Hugging PM but lost it after pausing his eye .

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