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Rajasthan political conflict

As the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Mr.  Ashok Gehlot started rebuilding the party to protect his ministry. On the other hand, The Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Sachin Pilot is on fire, claiming his disrespect and unsatisfied vision from the party. Now, the sources are making a verdict that the congress party may lead to a serious problem of withdrawing their government of Rajasthan.
|| Nayan Prakash

During elections, Sachin Pilot soaked his every drop of sweat in election campaigns for Congress and developed the image of congress on the front foot. But that hard work was neglected by Ex-Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and he launched Ashok Gehlot as Chief Minister of Rajasthan. Thus, Pilot remained dissatisfied with the party’s decision.

All the leaders of INC are talking and convincing Pilot because they know the importance of Pilot’s status and strength in Rajasthan. If at any instant, Pilot leaves the party then there will be situations like Madhya Pradesh in Rajasthan too and this is completely unhealthy for Congress party.

While the BJP has clearly opened up the gates to accept the youth talent and productive thinking of Pilot. BJP had made the clear statement that “ All the members of Bhartiya Janta Party will support Pilot and if he comes to BJP then he will be welcomed as other members to the lotus family”. One BJP leader added, “ The Congress party is covered with questions and they even don’t know the current situation and fire inside their home, it is better for them to cover the fire and don’t blame BJP for that.”


The points are very clear and sounding that Gehlot’s government is under threat and all are trying to convince Pilot. The Congress leaders are attending the meeting by meeting to maintain good relationships and loyalty within the members. The long series of the meeting after meeting and then lunch in the hotel is going on. We have to see now that what will be the outcome of that meeting and Pilot’s final decision.

After Sachin Pilot was faraway from twin posts, Ashok Gehlot had stated, “It was a conspiracy by the BJP, and our leaders got misled. Everyone must remember the penalty for anti-party activity is expulsion from the assembly seat.”

Pilot loyalists say that the chief minister wants Sachin Pilot out of the party but the numbers backing him have gone down. They claim action against MLAs not backing him is an empty threat because the move would bring the Congress numbers down and increase dependence on pliable independents and MLAs of smaller outfits.

This is a sign that the Pilot faction of the Congress is bent weaken Gehlot and expects his government with depleted numbers to not last very long.

The question still rises on the Congress party that why they are unable to resolve the inner conflicts of the party again and again? Where is the old Congress? Is the behavior done with Sachin Pilot was acceptable or not?

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