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Doctor Namrata Chandani was eliminated after the rape which was disclosed in a final postmortem report.
|| Anjan Kumar Samal

The final post-mortem report revealed, Namrata was also raped before the murder. Namrata’s body was recovered from his hostel room on 16th September morning.

A rope was tied around her neck after raping her as per the final postmortem report. Namrata’s brother Vishal himself is also a famous surgeon in Karachi. As, Vishal is an experienced Surgeon, on his first look to his sister, he had also claimed that it was a clear murder but not at all a suicide. The BB Asifa Medical College management had termed the death of Namrata, a suicide.

The medical college released an autopsy report

Namrata’s final autopsy report was released by Chandka Medical College & Hospital (CMCH) on Wednesday. This report also went viral social media, did unearth that Namrata was raped before her murder. He was later strangled to death when a rope was tied around her neck.

The report is signed by the Medico-Legal Officer of CMCH.

Earlier on 30 October of 2019, Namrata’s DNA report was revealed. Police had claimed that some fragments of male DNA have been found on Namrata’s body and clothes, which were produced in the court. Now the autopsy report will also be presented before the court.

Namrata’s brother said that she was murdered

In fact, after Namrata’s murder, the college administration was terming it a suicide. On the other hand, Namrata’s surgeon brother Vishal claimed it as a 100% murder. Namrata’s body was found on the bed in her room.

Two students were detained after Naramata’s death. They were kept in detention for two days and then released in a suspicious way of the investigation by the Pak police.

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