Refocus And Get Your Mind Right


We are well into 2014, and transformation has already begun. We have all resolved to do some things differently in our lives. How are you progressing? Are you still working toward achieving your goals? Are you measuring yourself to determine growth? Did you throw in the towel yet? Did you decide to quit or purposely forget about what you said you were going to do?

As you begin to ponder these questions, one would believe they are simple in context and the answers are easy to communicate. However, this may not be the case for the majority with the first quarter of the year already coming to a close.

“Whatever comes out of you should coincide with your dreams and vision of yourself.”

As I reflect while sharing this with you, I look at what I told myself I’d be doing and where I see my own evolution as the year continues to unfold. It causes me to look at how I, too, have progressed thus far. During this year of transformation, some people have begun trying new habits or started to eat right and exercise. Others have made decisions to address issues they know have been holding them back, while some took steps to get their relationships with friends or loved ones in order.

Here is where I’m going with all of this: It all starts and ends in your mind. Everything entering your brain begins with a thought. The challenge comes from deciding what you will do with that thought. You must determine if the thought entering your mind is one you should entertain based on the foreseeable outcome. This is where you will be able to determine if you need to refocus and clear your mind.

Implementation of these keys will assist you in making sure you are being productive, are able to measure personal and professional growth, and allow you to determine if you are achieving your goals. As a personal development specialist who provides life-coaching services to people, I’m very passionate when I see and experience clients putting these tools into action and changing their lives. Therefore, here are the three keys to help you to refocus and get your mind positive for a prosperous year.

It is imperative that you carve out time in your day or weekly routine to participate in absolutely no activity. Many people have jumbled minds because they have allowed their lives to become inundated with business. Just because you are busy does not mean you are being productive for yourself.

Take a mental look at yourself from the inside out. It is important to look at what you are allowing to consume your time. Do you like what you see? Are your activities conducive to your goals, visions and dreams? Are they in line with things you wish to achieve?

Listen carefully to what you allow in and out. My advice is to pay close attention to this skill. It is important to recognize what you are entertaining (reading, music, friends, circle(s) of influence, etc). Whatever comes out of you should coincide with your dreams and vision of yourself.

As you integrate these steps into your personal re-organization and begin to develop a more defined vision, you will gain more clarity, which will lead to reclaiming your love and value of yourself. Having a mind free of clutter helps you progress towards refocusing and getting your mind right!

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