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Reschedule, Redefine, Rebuild

It’s a new year, we all have made new resolutions.

Each one of us has a daily routine, in which we need to make amends. We think of rescheduling our routines with some add-ons. Am I right? I can bet yes, as I have thought of rescheduling my daily routine and adding some good habits in it which would benefit my physical as well as mental health.

|| Ria Syal

Spending time on our kinaesthetic learning as well as psychological well-being is of high priority. Devoting at least 10 minutes, to a healthy habit would positively benefit our wellbeing.

One tends to get irritated when they are advised by their elders to inculcate some good habits in themselves and redefine one’s schedule. Every individual has a different perspective of viewing circumstances.

Therefore, a Pandemic can be both a boon and a bane for one. Where Covid-19 has caused vast psychological distress, on the other hand, Covid-19 has allowed all of us to work from home, remain closer to our dear ones, redefine our lifestyles, inculcate good and healthy habits, and get rid of our old lazy never going faulty attitudes.

Sick of your die-hard never going habits? Who told you it was too late? Sometimes too late is just in time.

Exercise and Meditation

If you constantly crave more sleep or face psychological distress, negative moods, negative thoughts. Meditation and deep breathing workouts are advised to recover your health. Any and every age group can try meditation and such workouts for a peaceful and wholesome lifestyle.

REMEMBER! You don’t need to practice hardcore physical activities and spend hours. Spending even 10 minutes each for meditating and exercising would benefit your bodily constitution.

Early Daylights and Early Bedtimes

‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise’.

The above proverb just fits right here. Early mornings lead to much more productive day routines. Grants you more ‘Quiet Hours’ The “quiet time” of the early morning hours is one of the major blessings of waking up early. It makes one remain calm and peaceful the whole day. On the other hand, early bedtimes, are of huge benefit. It helps reduce the chance of some severe diseases. If your body feels relaxed from the inside, your skin will look visibly happy and breathing. The more we rest, the more we become productive, and it results in more success and wealth.

Eat Healthily

Upgrade your diet plans with all veggies, smoothies, dairy products, dry fruits, etc.  Studies have found that those who include more apples in their diet are more likely to lose weight than those who substitute the fruit with other healthy foods, like oats.

For example- Start your day with a handful of crunchy almonds, walnuts, fruits, and milk.

Express Gratitude

We all shall add this pro tip in our daily lifestyles. If one gets happiness in his/her life, one should be aware as to how to thank peers, family, materialistic possessions, circumstances, and supernatural forces. Expressing gratitude is one of the most important ingredients of our life’s recipe. One’s main motto should be to make everyone feel happy around them.

Ways to express gratitude-

  • Compliment
  • Give small rewards
  • Make the other person feel special
  • Write random “THANK YOU” notes
  • Appreciate
  • Chant Prayers

 Upgrade your lifestyle now or Regret later!

Such so-called ‘good habits’ can have incredibly positive and beneficial outcomes on one’s physique and overall psychological well-being, including your psyche. Inculcating such habits will benefit one in long run. So, the next time you roll over to smack that snooze button for the second or third time, ask yourself what good habits could be formed by getting out of bed, making a smoothie, or cooking and eating a healthy meal.

Healthy folks lead towards a healthy lifestyle, but it doesn’t happen overnight. One should adopt such habits during an early stage of their life. Agreed, such habits are very difficult to adopt in reality. Our old die-hard, so-called faulty habits do not let one replace with a healthy lifestyle.  It’s never too late to adopt one. The day one identifies their faulty living patterns and gets the intuition to transform them into healthy ones, is the right time to redefine your lifestyle. Spend just 10 minutes every day and see how it benefits you the entire lifetime.

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