Revised village-specific surcharge waiver schemes for rural consumers

Chandigarh June 4: Haryana Government has decided to implement revised village-specific surcharge waiver schemes on case to case basis for various categories of rural consumers having whole current metres in the State.
While stating this here today, an official spokesman said that Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal has approved a proposal in this regard. The authority to approve the village-specific surcharge waiver schemes would vest with Whole Time Directors (WTDs) of DISCOMs.
He said that the WTDs while deciding the case may allow waiver of the surcharge amount partially or fully, with or without conditions. Besides, they may also allow the principal amount to be paid in instalments. He said that with regard to below poverty line families, the WTDs may allow waiver of the principal amount fully or partially. Similarly, in case of non profit institutions like old age homes, children homes and gaushalas which lack the financial capacity to pay, WTDs may consider giving rebate in principal amount upto 50 per cent. Decision of the WTDs would be put up before the Board of Directors for post facto approval, he added.
The spokesman said that re-connection in case of disconnected consumers would be made on payment of first instalment of the principal amount without reckoning it as a new case after charging re-connection fees, as applicable, provided the disconnection has been effected within 6 months in case of domestic, non-domestic and industrial consumers having whole current metres and two years in case of agriculture consumers. In case of disconnection of older than 6 months or two years, the applicant would be treated as a new consumer. However, in the case of BPL families where entire principal amount is waived off, the re-connection would be made without charging any fee, he further added. ‘
He said that no disconnected tubewell would be reconnected in the notified or dark zone. He said that the principal amount would be recalculated as per the supply code that is at the rate of 40 units per KW per month in rural areas for domestic consumers, at the rate of 75 units per KW per month in rural areas for non domestic consumers and at the rate of 160 units per KW per month in rural areas for industrial consumers without Fuel Surcharge Adjustment (FSA). He said that the amount of arrears pertaining to the period before June 17, 2005 would be waived off keeping in view the earlier waiver scheme of 2005.

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