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RHYTHM ROGER- THE SECRET OF ELECTON BY India’s favorite literary juggler- Himanshu Rai

The plot inscribes a virtual world, which is invented by Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. He invented a unit of frequency and discovered electromagnetic waves, but virtually, he created a world of electromagnetic waves which is always around humans but cannot be seen or felt, the world of unknown powers, known as Electon. “World is not only what we see.” Somehow Rhythm, the main protagonist has entered Electon, and now he was the one who has to fight against the dark forces that were trying to take over the Electon world.

Review by Barnali Chakraborty

TBH, I don’t really want to give any spoilers so go ahead and read the book to unveil the secrets of the Electron world.

Now, if you have been following my reviews for quite some time then you must have noticed my love for sci-fi books and this sagacious book is just a valuable addition to my sci-fi collection. The plot can easily teleport the readers to a world full of sci-fi elements such as magic spells, Pluto sand, Venus clock, Alva room and the illustrations penned down in the book simply binds to the reader’s interest and can easily keep them glued to the book.

I personally loved the narration of the book. The way the author has sagely narrated the parallel universe is truly praiseworthy.

Author : Himanshu Rai

What I found unique in this story is the concept and detailing of the book. The book is indeed well researched and it seemed so realistic that the readers can actually feel like traveling through the parallel universe while reading this book. I almost loved all the characters of the book. The author has elaborated every sequence in an appropriate manner which at times may seem a little long-winded but trust me that won’t bother you much as the overall concept of the book is truly intriguing. Also, there were lots of twists and turns here and there which made this book an unputdownable read.

The language is lucid and the cover of this book looks absolutely gorgeous and the title is apt to storyline.

I recommend this book to all. If you are new into reading or you are someone who wants to start reading sci-fi genre, I would say this is the best book to start with.

A big fat thumbs up from my side 👍.

Author name: Himanshu Rai
Publisher: Invincible Publisher
Published on: 17th May 2020
Pages: 216
Price: 175/-

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