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Right to Education or Fight to Education

For me, it was absolutely nothing short alike a hobby. When I went to buy my fourth-grade daughter’s winter school uniform and buying a uniform from school is a compulsion. 

|| Karamvir Kamal(Editor-In-Chief)

I was shocked when I came to know that the 10-year-old child’s lower jacket’s cost in the general category is priced at least is Rs 1400. While this dress is easily available from Rs 600 to Rs 700 in the market.

The rate of the t-shirt was around 500 rupees averagely. As per my point of view, it’s not at all education but a means of earning in the name of schools education.

Photo-India Today

Well … now let’s move to JNU.

We are happy that there is an institution like JNU in our country which is world-famous for the best and the cheapest education across the world. But the second week of November was not at all good for the students of JNU. JNU which institution is nationwide famous for raising its rights, once again in the discussion due to the recent protest against the Himalayan hike in their fees.

Recently, students protested in JNU against the ascending fees of hostels and other related fees. In return, they were beaten by the police as if tainted criminals.

The government has increased the fees of hostels and food which is provided to them as usual at a cheap rate.Most of the students in JNU are from the poor class of Indian society. The admission process in JNU is also not so easy.


The standard of education of JNU is excellent in itself. Students here not only are recommended for highly valuable positions but this institution also has gifted several brilliants to the cabinet of Union government time since its formation.

Now let’s go back to the uniform of the fourth-grade child of a private school. If the uniform charge of a private school is compared with JNU fees, then it will be known that the amount of money that a private school goer spends on a uniform for 2 months can be paid by the JNU students for their year-long fees.

According to the new rules of the university, a huge change has been forced to implement in the hostel fees. The administration says that the fee structure of the hostel has not changed for the last 14 years.

Photo-India Tv

Earlier the rent for double seater room was Rs 10 which was increased to Rs 300 per month. At the same time, the rent of the single-seater room has been increased from Rs 20 to Rs 600.

One time mess charge for food has been increased from Rs 5500 to Rs 12000.

After 11 pm or a maximum of 11.30 pm, students will have to stay inside their hostels and will not be able to get out as per new guidelines of the JNU. 

If someone is found in a hostel or campus other than his/her hostel, he/she will be rusticated from the hostel as soon as he/she will be caught by the JNU administration.

Photo-Hindustan Times

Apart from this, it has also been written in the new manual that students have to come to the dining hall wearing “proper clothes”.

Students, therefore, ask the administration that what is the definition of ‘proper clothes’. Although the university administration says that this rule was already in force. It has only been repeated and not at all changed.

The student union is demanding the withdrawal of this new guideline issued by the administration on the behest of the VC.

Why  some taxpayers are against JNU?

For the past few days, the demand for closure of JNU by a section is gaining momentum. While some are talking about closing JNU’s demand on social media, some others claim JNU students are alike traitors.

One section of society even does not want anyone to get a cheap education in JNU. According to them, the students studying in JNU are only heavy expenses from Govt’s revenue and nothing else.


They also feel that the JNU institution is a burden on the taxpayers’ money in this country. The public’s tax money is being invested in some wrong institutions. Such comments are being posted on social media that anti-national activities take place inside JNU. Anti-national slogans are raised. That’s why JNU is on target of common people.

On the other hand, there are also some people who are in favor of opening more institutions like JNU. So that people from the poor section of our society can get a higher and better education.

Among such poor students, Poonam who is doing her Ph.D. from JNU. She states that her parents are poor. Her income is not so much that she can study at a good institute like JNU. Poonam has completed her M. Phil from JNU. She is happy that she got an institution like JNU where she and people like her from poor sections of society can fulfill their dreams of getting higher studies.

Poonam says that those who think that their tax money is laying waste in an institute like JNU is their misunderstanding. JNU is an institution where a poor  can achieve what he/she desires and dreams. She further claims that If she talks about herself, then her family does not have enough money to make her more educated further after completion of her M. Phil.

When today’s so-called high profile education has remained only for the rich. At that time institution like JNU is really need for the time for poor and downtrodden.

Photo-Business Today

In such a situation, JNU is a hope for the poor.

Vikas, who lives in Munirka. He says that in his village there are many students of JNU. They have been visiting the JNU campus since their childhood. JNU students are a class of wisdom in their own right. There have been many such students living in his house who are at present doing their Ph.D. from JNU.

As it is being spread about these students, it is not like this at all. They are always busy with their studies. 

Saying something similar is also from the person who runs the cyber Cafe at near by  Katwaria Sarai  named Jitendra Kumar Samal. According to him, many JNU students come to him who use the Internet here for their important studies. These people appear completely devoted to their studies.

Photo-DNA India

There is unity among these students. These people study not only in the country but also on the policies of foreign countries. So can such students ever raise anti-national slogans? He does not believe that.

Some people are deliberately campaigning against these students and against this institution which is absolutely against the incredible quality of the institution like JNU.

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