Russia may intrude in Indian electoral process including Brazil in 2019

Russia may put India into trouble including Brazil in the forthcoming electoral process alike USA in 2019 which was claimed and anticipated  by a famous OXFORD University Professor.

A global social media Expert and a statutory professor of Internet Studies and the Balliol college at the University of Oxford has categorically pronounced that after putting the USA in trouble ,now both India and Brazil are likely to be targeted while he was testifying before the senate Intelligence Committee on Foreign influence on the Global social media platforms.

Philip N Howard, the man  who didn’t describe the matter of facts likely to be occurred in the future course of time elaborately  but warned that “situation could be more dangerous in those countries where the media is not as professional as that of the US.”

As it is also quite loud and clear that in leisure time people of India from a teen ager up to an old one , all devote their 75-80% of time of leisure period with social medias and so as in Brazil too. And in  both the countries ,people use various social media platforms but not as professionally but generally only to pass their time. This factor of unprofessional sense of using social media platforms  is the mark of danger if the country like Russia intends to intervene in to get out personal data via social media platforms in the brink of Election time.

When the Senator Susan Collins asked to put an example of Russian political interference in the Hungerian Media ,Professor  Philip N Howard soon named these countries are as vulnerable as the Hungery if the Russian Government intends to interfere.

Philip N Howard further in this regard urged,”The United States actually has the most professionalized media in the world. It’s learned certainly to evaluate their sources and no longer report tweets as is given.”

In addition to the above Mr. Professor urged, “I would say that the greater concern would be amongst the media institutions in our democratic allies. I believe that the Russians have moved from targeting us, in particular, to Brazil and India; other enormous democracies that will be running elections in the next few years.”

Vice Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, Senator Mark Warner the ‘active measures’ by Russia to prompt into elections “revealed a dark underbelly of the social media ecosystem.” He lso said “These same tools that spread misinformation can negatively affect other aspects of our lives.”

In fact no country in the world except Russia is either capable, counter attack or well detected if the country’s personal data of it’s population is hijacked in the way that Russia did in the past with USA at the time of election which still the United States is trying it’s best to fathom.

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