Sab Kushal Mangal

It is a popular saying that marriages are made in heaven but when an auspicious and divine institution like marriage is forced upon hapless couples then it is no more a marriage made in heaven but a marriage made in hell.

Pappu Mishra, our main protagonist, works for a news channel, is the Creator & Host of a Dramatic Reality TV show called ” MusibatOdh Li Maine”.

Priyaank Sharma & Riva Kishan

The film opens on a dramatic episode on forced marriages. The antagonist represented in the show is Baba Bhandari – a big name in politics and crime in Kishenganj. Baba is offended with Pappu’s reportage, as Pappu reports Baba’s un-lawful episodes of getting people married forcefully.

Incidentally Pappu belongs to the same town where Baba Bhandari is a Political Bahubali.

Priyaank Sharma

Mandira is a middle class lively girl and respects her traditions and family values. Kamta Prasad Shukla, father of Mandira has been in search of a groom for his daughter but all his efforts to marry off Mandira have gone in vain. High demands of dowry from families of prospective grooms’ reluctantly convince Kamta Prasad to seek help of Baba Bhandari.

Baba Bhandari is against the practice of dowry and is very sympathetic to such parents and being a helpful personality assures Kamta Prasad of finding a suitable groom for his daughter Mandira.


Pappu comes back to his home town for Diwali and is abducted by Baba Bhandari. He tells Pappu that now he would get him forcibly married and the whole country will see the live telecast of his marriage the way he had telecasted a sting of him on National Television. Pappu dissents to Baba’s abominable act but he is compelled to surrender to his plot.

Mandira’s marriage preparations are going on, though she or her family members are unaware of the groom. Baba is a highly respected figure in their family. It is an accepted norm in the city that if Baba has chosen a groom then it will be a suitable match. Mandira curious to know about her future husband, secretly visits Pappu.

Riva Kishan

Mandira overhears that Pappu is a Casanova and he is boasting about his city life and affairs; she realizes that Pappu is not the person she would like to marry, so she helps him to escape.

After Pappu’s escape, Mandira’s family is heartbroken. Baba comes to their house to apologize for not being able to get Mandira married as promised and assures them that he will find a better match for her.

Baba notices Mandira for the first time and falls in love at first sight.
While Pappu is leaving the city he finds out that it was Mandira with whom he was supposed to get married. He regrets his decision and returns to Baba to apologize and abide with his choice of girl for marriage. However, Baba has changed his mind and now wants Pappu out of the way.

Now in dilemma – How will Baba and Pappu stay in the same town when they both have fallen for the same girl? How will Pappu take on Baba? Even if Pappu does – will Baba give up Mandira – as Baba is now head over heels for this girl..!!! Chaotic situations with a simple story telling will unfold…


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