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Scary flood threat in Delhi: Helpline numbers released

The biggest flood threat  since as many as 40 years has alarmed in Delhi. The Delhi government is also on alert mode to save various areas  of National Capital from floods and possible destruction. 

 After 40 ,the National Capital, the threat of major flood has arisen in the worst way. The Delhi government is on alert mode to protect various areas from floods and possible destruction in the post flood situations.


—-By Anjan Kumar Samal

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal urged earlier today that his government is relentlessly monitoring the situation for 24 hours. He urged the people  near by Yamuna and possible fllod affeacted area to reach the tent constructed  by the state government by 6 pm earlier this evening.

In an emergency the state government has also issued a helpline number to help the flood affected people.

Preparation by the Delhi Government Amid Flood situation in the National Capital

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said in a press conference today that the state government is seriously busy in evacuating people from the low-lying areas. He said that the first priority of his government is that there should not any loss of life. He said that from midnight today, the water of Hathnikund barrage will reach Yamuna for the next two days. The state government is monitoring the situation for 24 hours. Kejriwal has asked people to pay attention to their children. He said that  continuous efforts are being made  to remove flood prone zones across the National Capital..


Helpline Number Released
Delhi Government has also issued helpline numbers for the sake of public interest at large to deal with the flood situation. The government said that the next two days are very serious.

For any kind of help for flood victims, call 011-22421656 and 011- 21210849.

The new danger mark touched

The water level of Yamuna river had reached 204.70 meters at 9 am on Monday. It is across the warning mark 204.50 meters. However, now the new danger mark has been declared at 205.33 meters, that the river Yamuna have crossed by evening.

For the 1st time in last 40 years ,the huge upcoming water towards Delhi and Yamuna forced the present Delhi Government an  Emergency meeting expecting the danger of flooding.

It was chaired by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. This meeting took place at one o’clock. Apart from irrigation and flood control department, other concern departments were  also presect by their  active participation for the sake of lives of people of Delhi.

Iron Bridge Closed

Traffic has been closed due to rising water level in all effected areas. However, the movement of trains  there continues at present. The water level of Yamuna reached 204.88 meters after 12 noon.  The water level may cross 207 meters as the  Central Water Commission predicts that the amount of water released from the barrage is expected that the water level of Yamuna will cross 207 meters. But how much will rise above that, cannot be confirmed. In 2013 it crossed 207.32 meters.


Now it is too early to say whether this water  level will reach 208 meters or not. 

Thousands of people are being evacuated from the  area of river Bank  and  people are settled in the foothills of the Yamuna. Till morning, work is going on to shift about 5 thousand people in tents on the banks of Yamuna. Teams of 27 divers are also stationed at different locations with 44 boats ready for boats and divers. From Monday morning, the officials started sitting in the boat themselves and inspected the banks of the Yamuna to ensure that no one remained there even after the warning.

A wall made of mud sacks is a governance alert given the potential danger of flooding in Delhi. It showed up in the morning to prevent flood waters from reaching the streets at the Kudsia Ghat of ISBT. The work of filling the soil with sacks was going on.

 “Our situation is being monitored for 24 hours. There has been a meeting on this. Measures are being taken to ensure that there is no loss of life. People should come in tents by 6-7 pm today. From midnight till day tomorrow in Yamuna Water can come at full speed. People in the coastal areas evacuate. The next two days are very difficult. “CM Arvind Kejriwal on Delhi flood alert

 8.72 lakh cusecs of water was released from Hathinikund barrage in Haryana on Sunday and it was to reach Delhi by Monday evening. After 40 years, so much water has been released towards Delhi.

Yamuna had created the biggest flood in 1978 and only 7 lakh cusecs of water was released from Haryana at that time.

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