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Shiv Kumar – The Master Storyteller with Sharp Wit for Thrillers

Everyone would agree with the fact that we as mere mortals need always something fast, pacy, adrenaline raising stuff in order to bring a pace to our already mundane life. And what could be better than reading a hardcore thrilling novel with a ton of mystery, cat and mouse chase where the villain is always ready to outwit the hero with his shrewd motives brewing in his evil mind. Indeed! It seems very fanciful but had we ever wondered what it could be writing such stuff which keeps us always on our toes? What it would take to infuse the delirium of a dark mind simultaneously with saving the society for serving the greater good on a blank piece of paper? Undoubtedly the author would have to carve every single syllable with ultimate precision which could maintain the sanctity of the protagonist along with depicting the devilish intentions of the antagonist which could send a chill in our spines at the same time. The author need to chisel each and every word in such a fashion that it creates an undying hope of the betterment of the society along with leaving us in hanging air simultaneously. And who could be better than Shiv Kumar who has carved a niche for himself when it comes to churning thrillers.

Shiv Kumar, Author

An engineering graduate from the highly prestigious BIT Sindri; Shiv Kumar is working as Assistant Commissioner State Tax in Bihar. Mr. Kumar has completed his schooling from Mount Assisi, Bhagalpur and the highly prestigious Modern School Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. After completing his education, he has worked for few years as a Senior Engineer in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. Mr. Kumar has travelled extensively throughout India during his work and this has also enabled to enrich his craft of writing. The literary fraternity got introduced to his writing prowess when he debuted with Operation India One; a thriller based on the naxals which got published by one of the major publishing house of the country, OM Books International in 2015. With his debut masterpiece; Mr. Kumar not just touched the pertinent problems of the naxals but also points his fingers towards the ugly nexus of unscrupulous politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen feeding off the oppression of the underprivileged. He also tries to raise questions on the model of development through the voice of his protagonist ACP Gautam Dhaliwal.

If Mr. Kumar picked the issue of naxals in his debut work, he returned with a more sinister issue  like terrorism, almost after 8 years in his latest masterpiece; You Will Die. Setting the premise of the assassination of the Prime Minister of the country, Mr. Kumar this time ventures into a more thrilling zone where every character is ready to outwit the another one. Mr. Kumar supplements his readers with an ample dose of conspiracy, ploy, assassination attempt in order to keep everyone on toes. The brilliance of the masterpiece was aptly recognized by Patna Times; Times of India as the prestigious media house says; “The novel not only raises the adrenaline level but also keeps the pace”.

Even though Shiv Kumar has gifted us with his just two incredible masterpieces, his works surely puts him on the league of a master storyteller who has a sharp wit for thrillers.

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