Shocking bank robbery in the broad day light in the National Capital

A shocking bank robbery did occur in the National Capital of India in  Broad day light.Six unknown masked and armed men did enter into the Corporation Bank in South west Delhi and looted 3 lakh rupees shooting the bank cashier on the spot.All evidences in regard to this robbery has been recorded in CCTV .

This CCTV recorded 90 second footage is absolutely an aye opener crime scene  for Delhi Police.

Being the National Capital of the Country, the law and order situation of Delhi  need to be controlled in a perfect manner  for the sake of  safety and security which lacks here .

In this said horrified robbery footage  ,it has been observed that these armed  robbers at first shoved into the Bank snatching the Rifle from the security Guard and did  beat him severely on his head and then shot the Bank Cashier and did flee from the site.

This unfortunate incident took place in south west Delhi’s Chhawala town.This kind of Bank Robbery in the Broad Day Light did occur in more than a decade in Delhi.

As per Delhi Police,Robbers captured 16 people that includes 10 numbers of Customers and 6 numbers of Bank staffs.In the initial stage of this crime scene ,Robbers tried to snatch 3 lakh from the Bank Cashier Santosh and when the cashier tried to resist they shot him.

Some how Delhi Police could able to arrest one and also identified rest 5 robbers using the CCTV footage.Delhi Police claimed all the robbers who were identified came from Sonepat and Nazaggarh area.Several teams of Delhi Police were sent to different areas in search of rest five robbers.

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