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‘Skill For Jobs : Driving Convergence’

CII National Conference on Skill Development & Livelihood 2019

The Skill India mission is the overarching umbrella that brings all the stakeholders together to create, implement and deliver successful outcomes towards enhancing the employ-ability and employment of India’s growing young population. Towards this, the Central and the States Government in conjunction with Industry and other stakeholders has launched many initiatives to impart relevant skills to youth so as to better prepare them for Industry driven jobs.

While the efforts have resulted in some outcomes, there is still a significant gap that exists in increasing employability and ensuring successful outcomes through these initiatives. The challenge still exists as to how we tap into the drive and talent of the youth to create the largest army of the world’s workforce, change-makers, leaders, problem solvers.

Therefore, to ensure scaling up of skilled workforce we must strengthen the link to employment and livelihood. This demands imperative actions through combined efforts, connecting dots and synchronize the strategic plans with the implementation framework. These developments will lead to better levels of skills with the capability to adjust effectively with the challenges and opportunities of the future of work.

Given the background, it is now essential for all the stakeholders to have a dialogue on the on-ground dynamics & reach a solution.

CII is organizing its – ‘CII National Conference on Skill Development and Livelihood 2019’ with a theme on ‘Skill4Jobs: Driving Convergence’. The conference will enable all stakeholders to understand how convergence can be brought about as an effective mechanism to meet the on-ground current & future challenges.

The conference will seek to bring stakeholders from India as well as abroad who are driving the skill development and employment initiatives with a special focus on Industry. It will witness industry-led case studies & best practices; understand the employability gap and trends with the clear objective of formulating a solution.

The conference will have the participation of speakers from Central and State Governments, Senior Industry Members, Think Tanks, Academicians, and Multilateral Agencies.



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