Sohrabuddin encounter case: All accused in the CBI court turned acquitted


In Ahmedabad in 2005, gangster Sohrabuddin Sheikh of Rajasthan was encountered in joint operation of Rajasthan and Gujarat police.

Tulsi Prajapati, who had escaped this case in 2006, and stayed with Sohrabuddin, was also encountered.

These case also reached at the door of Supreme Court. Before this, the Gujarat CID and the CBI were even involved in the investigation of this case in the year 2010.

Dramatic developments

Narendra Modi’s government was formed in the center in 2014 and there was dramatic change in this case. The Mumbai Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), was forced to be acquitted  senior police officers and politicians, including Amit Shah, before the trial.

Leaders, bankers, industrialists and officials were among  all the 16 accused who left before the trial of the Mumbai court.

Now only the police inspector, the sub inspector and the constable  involved in this case had to face this case. CBI court has now acquitted all the accused.

The CBI court has acquitted 22 policemen overall. According to the court, the charges against the policemen have not been proved and they can not put pressure on the testimony.

The CBI alleged that when this case was with Gujarat CID, the then DGP of Gujarat Prashant Chandra Pandey and then the then investigating officer IPS Geeta Johri and OP Mathur did mislead  the work of investigation.

However, before the Bombay High Court took action in front of these police officers, CRPC abandoned them even after seeing the reason behind the allegation made without the approval of the state government.


Sohrabuddin case was handed over to the Mumbai CBI by the order of the Supreme Court. The CBI had in the Supreme Court demanded that the trial of this case to be taken out of Gujarat.

The court granted it and the case was transferred to Mumbai. In this case, charge sheet were filed against 38 people.

In 2014, a total of 15 people including Amit Shah, Gulab Chand Kataria of Gujarat and senior IPS of Rajasthan were acquitted in the absence of evidence.

When the CBI sought the transfer of case in the Supreme Court, then argued that witnesses should not be pressurized and they should not be overturned, for which, hearing of the case should be done outside Gujarat.

But 38 out of the 45 witnesses who were present in the Mumbai CBI court were overturned by their statements. All these witnesses had said in their statement in the court that they did not know anything about their statement written by the CBI.


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