Soul of love

Love! No life without love. Love, word of sweetness, word of a dream, word of misery with ecstasy, word of a harmonious piece filled with music. Initiating from birth till eternal life, each and every creature from the sky to the globe have love, maybe someone mumbles that he or she doesn’t aspire to inspire love, although themselves to be craving for someone’s love. Love is filled with sacrifice and surrender, may not constrains, may not mandate or may not be egoistic. Love adores only love. Love can persist purity among the other relationship and so it is an indication for all the relationship in this world, maybe it can acquit us from all over the relationship to the eternal state of life. A heart filled with love may not anticipate or perceive anything else from love, rather it bestows everything to its love. Despite being the most significant pledge comprises with the sense of love. Love query us each and every second of our vitality, queries of love that strengthen our love thicker, queries of love which overwhelm us, queries of love with turmoils may sustain us if it’s genuine. Love had many hurdles but to attain love, we should conquer all those hurdles with loyalty and self-confidence, the journey of traversing those turmoils too perceives delightful grief which is the happiest agony of all distress. The world is persisting in the enchantment of love, the distance may be closed or prolonged, it doesn’t matter, our love should be prolonged, it matters. Hearts of love may not abandon each other and also assist each other with their anxieties. Love may be lost somewhere, to obtain our love, we should scour our love, scour our love throughout the world, regain our love with all sort of efforts with the fact. Love from the heart to heart, may not from the mind, knowledge, wealth or glamour. Beauty lies in a pure heart of love. In spite of our love, the path of our love departs in an improper direction, try to transits in a proper direction. Although our love might be in a long-distance, the distance may not curtail our love, instead, it enhances. Should this love transpire only in between two opposite genders? It may not only between the two different genders, but love also arises between parents and their children, love can arise between friends, love can arise between mentor and his or her pupil, love can occur to all in this world. A selfless love to each creature around us is essential which provokes humanity.

Lakshmi Prabha Swaminathan

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