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Soulitaire goes places with visionary entrepreneur Virat Tuli

A highly diligent and passionate individual with a penchant for writing and expressing his creativity through spellbinding prose, Virat Tuli is a man who knows how to weave words using his razor sharp wit and wisdom. An avid learner for life with leadership skills naturally imbibed in him, he believes in taking people along the journey of growth and expansion and betterment of the self. Armed with his own personal experiences and of all those he’s mentored, Virat Tuli is tenacious and zesty in all that he does, and has a striking persona that’s unprecedented by any.

Virat is someone who staunchly believes in guiding and taking people along the learning and growth trajectory, with an unparalleled fanatical zeal and grit to carve out a niche for the greater good.

He has worked diligently and without losing focus, for his venture Soulitaire. Silicon India Magazine has recognized Soulitaire as one of Top 10 EdTech startups in India for 2020. Virat currently leads a team of 550+ passionate writers and a team of 12+ IT professionals. He is also the Founder of Grateful Soul Media and the Co-Founder of Success Psyche.

Virat is someone who has never taken rejection personally but have made himself a jungle fire. He never focused on naysayers. Instead he seeks positivity all around. He’s a visionary guy who strongly believes in working from opening the eyes till they close. He wish to inspire others and enlighten them with his rich multi-domains experience.

He has Co-Authored many books and successfully created many Amazon Best-selling Authors & Co-Authors. He himself is an Amazon best-selling Co-Author for several books.

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