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Srijan Kabra – The young maverick of sci-fi stories!

Dreaming big to achieve goals and becoming famous is everyone’s desire irrespective of age. Mostly this kind of attitude is observed in individuals who are in their young adults and matured people. On the contrary, we come across youngsters and kids who are not even into the late teenage mode of their life are passionate about their goals. One such wonderful young kid who recently made his mark in the Indian Literary world, ‘ Srijan Kabra ‘ is a complete surprise package.
|| by Swapna Peri

‘Inspiration to write or narrate a story comes from every day events ‘, says Srijan. His interest in sci-fi and fantasy fiction planted the idea of becoming an author and as a result, now Srijan has two books written in his account. In the ages where young kids are mostly addicted to computer games or rather games on mobile phones, showing interest in reading books and also writing is an appreciable effort. It is indeed glad to see Srijan apart from being a kid who loves to party with his friends and family also sees a responsibility in writing and giving out the world good stories. Srijan, also quotes that his friends also show interest in story writing which is a wonderful thing to know.

Srijan Kabra

Apart from writing, Srijan also manages a YouTube channel. An active sports kid, keen reader, and enthusiastic writer, Srijan is also a great host who loves to invite his friends and family to his house and has great fun. With a great mind and a loving heart, he makes a point in mentioning or creating characters that resemble his friends in his stories. Therefore, the readers can find the mentions about his two best friends in his books.

One of the striking points in Srijan’s two books, be it ‘Journey to Space With Blahman’ or the second book, ‘ Zombie Apocalypse ‘ is to save the world!  A young kid who has a small world built for himself with his friends, family, studies and other activities also has a sense of saving the world is a fantastic trait!

In his first book, ‘Journey to Space With Blahman’, the manner in which the story starts is absolutely fascinating.  Srijan’s innocence blended with innovation reflects when the characters in the story ‘book tickets to travel into space’.  Whenever it is about traveling into outer space, the concept of Aliens and super-powered beings automatically strikes anyone’s minds. Likewise, from the cover image itself, Srijan has taken utter care in presenting the book colorfully and interestingly. The two best friends, Aven and Steven thus embark on their journey into outer space. The adventurous trip costs a lot of experience, learning, and unfolding of some dangerous secrets.

With a great narration and cool illustrations his book ‘Journey to Space With Blahman’ is a superb child fiction with all the elements young readers look for. Though the characters of the best friends are motivated by real life, the commendable bravery and concern towards human life is worth praising.

Talking about his second book, ‘ Blahman and the Attack of Zombies ‘, one can say that Srijan is a fantastic storyteller. In this book, with many plot twists, an imaginary SciFi story consisting of zombies is superb. How the Blahman erases the Zombies is the highlight.  With many colorful illustrations, the book though a short one is an awesome one to read.

In both books, apart from the story, the words, the naming of the characters and the whole set-up of the story stands on top-notch.

During the dearth days of good kid’s book, young authors like Srijan is a great relief!

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