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Alike colors of a chameleon, Politicians in India change political parties from time to time.

 ||Jitendra Samal

The dancer turned politician Sapna Chodhury , once in the past was in the limelight when a piece of news trended viral about her joining with the Congress party. Suddenly within 48 hours, people found her joining in BJP while Delhi BJP President, Manoj Tiwari shared her photo with him claiming that she joined Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP).

Now, amid the Haryana Assembly election, various News agencies are informing that she will be the star campaigner of a controversial businessman turned politician, Gopal Kanda.
Sapna herself also has appealed to the voters of Sirsa town Assembly constituency of Haryana to vote for Gopal Kandaby sharing her appeal in her Facebook Account.
At first Congress, then BJP and now Lokhit Party. Significantly it’s not at all new to Indian Political race.


But interestingly, Sapna being a Primary member of BJP, how can campaign for any other political party is absolutely a new twist in Haryana’s Political Mahabharat.
In another Political angle, Sapna this time will campaign against BJP which may have an adverse effect on BJP’s performances in Haryana’s Election result across the state.
Last but not the least is that She is not going only for Gopal Kanda but also for his brother Gobind Kanda.

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