Starbucks Opens India’s Largest Coffee Forward Store in Bangalore

New store invites customers to embark upon a unique experiential coffee journey

Bangalore: Tata Starbucks announced the opening of its largest coffee forward store in Bangalore at 38/1st, Vittal Mallya Road.

Tata Starbucks announced the opening of its largest coffee forward store in Bangalore at 38/1st, Vittal Mallya Road. The Starbucks store at Vittal Mallya Road will welcome its customers with a promise of delivering the iconic ‘Third Place’ experience while stewarding the company’s commitment to the community. The Vittal Mallya store marks Starbucks 140th store in India and 22nd store in Bangalore.

“We are pleased to introduce our customers in Bangalore to a unique sensorial coffee experience while showcasing our expertise, craft and passion for all things coffee. The Starbucks store at Vittal Mallya celebrates every aspect of the coffee journey – the bean, grind, brewing styles, and the skills of our Coffee Masters. The store’s design and curated offerings reflect Starbucks legacy of coffee leadership,” said Mr. Navin Gurnaney, CEO, Tata Starbucks Pvt Ltd. “Customers can seek out Starbucks Coffee Masters for their coffee expertise to discover a new favorite beverage or a pairing suggestion. The different brewing methods offered at the store give us an opportunity to engage with our customers as they explore new ways to enjoy coffee. The store offers customers a place where they can relax and share conversations as well as immerse themselves into an artisanal coffee experience.”

The store features two separate bars – an espresso bar and a separate brew bar. At the heart of the espresso bar lies the state-of-the-art Black Eagle which allows the skill of the Starbucks baristas to come alive as each partner manually creates a customized and perfect shot of espresso. The Brew Bar offers customers a range of other brewing techniques. For example, the Siphon, which is known to bring out the intense flavours of the coffee, uses halogen to boil water and move the coffee through the vertical chambers, whereas the Chemex®, a manual pour-over brewing method, pours into a perfectly balanced cup of coffee.

The store pays tribute to the coffee culture of the city by offering an extensive range of specially curated Starbucks beverages, including Sparkling Shaken Espresso with Mint, Cortado, Hazelnut Bianco Latte amongst other Starbucks signature beverages. The store also offers a first for Starbucks in India with an affogato station, where coffee craft meets ice-cream to create a range of unique beverages including Signature Affogato, Cold Brew Malt, Nitro Cold brew float and Cold Brew float.

The store’s exclusive food menu was curated to complement the coffee experience and features a range of light bites, holistic meals and desserts such as Griilled cottage cheese with pepperonata sauce, The classic breakfast, Mushroom and Asparagus Quiche among many other Starbucks signature food. An extensive collection of Teavana Teas is also available at the store.

Sitting amid one of the most upscale and premium neighborhoods in the city of Bangalore, the Starbucks store on the Vittal Mallya junction is an invitation to coffee lovers for a quiet escape. Signature beverages are presented at the center part of our ground floor, where a separated brew bar offers a theater for Starbucks baristas to interact with the customers. The coffee aroma inspires the waved appearance of the core bar, while the shape of the brew bar resembles the curves of a coffee bean. Motif etching on the back wall is inspired by the intriguing tribal art style of Kalamkari in Southern India, integrating stories of coffee farms and the natural, botanical environment. The Kalamkari artwork displays intricate trees, expressive characters, animals and huts to tell the Starbucks coffee journey.

As Tata Starbucks continues to grow, so does its commitment to be a positive force in contributing to the future success of India. The company announced last fall its aspirations to be the employer of choice in India, with plans to double the number of partners (employees) over the next five years to 3,000 and with a commitment to further increase the proportion of women in its workforce from an already industry best of 25 percent.

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