Stop the Spread: Nanochemiqs Launches Innovative Products to Un-Lockdown India

Engineering Solutions firm Nanochemiqs Pvt Ltd recently launched a new line of products under a concept of SAFE SPACE Solution that will help BREAKING THE CHAINand reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus in public and private spaces. Created using their antimicrobial and antiviral nano technology that disinfects and reduces the infectivity of the virus, the products will soon be available in retail spaces, besides being offered on their own website.

The SAFE SPACE Solutions include the Self Check Kiosk that automatically measures body temperature in seconds. Its zero contact testing includes a verbal assistance for easy operation of the kiosk that not only detects fever but oxygen levels as well. For further assistance in vetting people and staff members before entering a public space, the kiosk also offers a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser as well as a disinfection chamber for bags & mobiles.

The new line under SAFE SPACE Solutions also features a plasma ion air washer that can be installed at all human entry points including main gates, cabins, meetings rooms etc. Installed in an air curtain that releases plasma cluster ions through a high flow air washer, it simply cleanses the air using naturally occurring plasma cluster ions. The charged ions simply steal hydrogen from within the spike protein of the virus and combine chemically to form water. The damaging of the spike protein does not allow the virus to infect cells even when they’re introduced into the body.

One of the biggest issues that India has had to face since the pandemic was announced is the situation of the migrants. The safe commute between states in over crowded buses, trains and other means of travel is of prime concern. To help their cause and allow them to go back home safely, Nanochemiqs has also launched an anti-microbial nano-coatings. Functioning as a constant sterilization solution for building and travel infrastructure, the coating is based on a transparent nanotechnology coating solution that kills S. Aurus, E. Coli, MERS and other bacteria as per BS tests. Since it’s also non toxic, non allergic and non cumulative, it’s safe for human touch. In fact, it constantly reacts and oxidizes the microorganisms that come in contact with it.

Besides these, Nanochemiqs has also launched antimicrobial PVC films that can be used on door handles, desks etc. One can buy their antimicrobial mats that disinfect shoes, slippers and other footwear. And most importantly, the new line also features antimicrobial & particulate HVAC filters for air conditioners that are being used in households, commercial buildings, healthcare centers and industrial infrastructure. Finally, the line also provides a commercially viable and safe UV cured conveyor system. That can be used in airports to screen the baggage of incoming and outgoing travellers.

(Inputs by Sasha Bose, CEO  NanoChemiqs Pvt Ltd)

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