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Students will assimilate colloquialism and discipline:Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) will also pivots on the overall development of students along with studies, so that no multinational company can dare to term incompetent in regard to their discipline, way of talking, language during the time of placement.

|| Anjan K Samal

For this, students need to be trained from, third year. 

Not just the placement, even their personality grooming will be taken care even before the internship. Students will be introduced to the area of Incredible Indian culture, language, even from wearing clothes to party and business meetings. This will be an important part of IIT’s new placement policy. This responsibility is given to the training and placement unit of the institute.

At the moment, IITs only help in preparing CVs. While seniors give some information related to placements to other students. Now the new exercise is going to be done in IIT’s first student training policy in 2019-20. This includes everything from imposing fines to restrictions on dress code, attendance, violation of rules. It is mandatory for third year students to register in the training and placement cell. Many multinational companies had complained about the shortcomings of students from large educational institutions including IITs.

80 percent attendance required in training policy

  It will be necessary to do at least two internships. 

Students will not contact the company directly.

All students’ behavior will be tested during internship or probation.

Indiscipline will be acted upon.

Students will be able to take offer letters from only one company at a time. 

Fines will have to be imposed for violation of rules.

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