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The Supreme Court Acknowledges IJU’S(Indian Journalist’s Union) Interposition of Petition

The Supreme Court ,on the auspicious day of Gandhi Jayanti admitted Indian Journalists Union’s intervention application in the case of Anuradha Bhasin, Executive Editor of Kashmir Times.

|| Karamveer Kamal(Editor-In-Chief)

This is a writ petition challenging the ban of communication in Kashmir for violating the freedom of the press guaranteed under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India.

In its IA, the IJU, the largest and most active  organization for raising voice of working journalists in the country, has grappled that the ‘lockdown’ in J&K wiped out the constitutionally guaranteed fundamental right of freedom of expression and  free speech of journalists.

Further, the IJU’s IA urges that the issues involved affect all types of media houses, such as traditional newspapers and magazines, digital news portals, television channels etc.

Consequently, its outcome will also have wide ranging effect on the public’s right to receive accurate information about the preset situation prevailing in Kashmir and any other part of the country where similar restrictions are imposed in the future course of time.

In this hearing, a 3-judge bench of Justices N.V. Ramana, Subhash Reddy and B.R. Gavai also admitted the petition filed by the IA of Foundation for Media Professionals (FMP).

The Internet Freedom Foundation has cordially assisted both IJU and FMP in drafting, strategy and counsel coordination.

IJU was officially represented by its Secretary General, Sabina Inderjit and its legal team comprising Advocate on Record, Shadan Farasat and Advocates Jahnavi Sindhu and Shruti Narayan.

Both the journalists’ organisations’ appeal highlighted on the function alike watchdog performed by the free press and recommended the impact of the communication shutdown especially on journalists. The IAs also alarmed concerns about the legal basis of the communication shutdown being unknown because as on the date of filing, there were no orders authorizing the shutdown available in the public domain.

After , as many as 57 days of the communication shutdown, the State of J&K filed its affidavit in the court stating that telecom services were suspended pursuant to orders passed under the Temporary Suspension of Telecom Services (Public Emergency or Public Safety) Rules, 2017 by the IG of Police which were subsequently confirmed by Principal Secretary and Home Department.

The communication shutdown, the affidavit  put forward by the government was intended to prevent “dissemination of iniquitous and specious rumors, fake propaganda, misusing social media sites and for preventing activities that could disturb public order and tranquillity.” 

However, the factual orders and specifics regarding and along with, when and where those were imposed are still not available.

The next date of hearing is listed  for 16 October subject to confirmation.

(Sources-IFJ Asia Pacific)

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