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Supreme Court reverses previous decision on softening of SC / ST Act

The Supreme Court urged that every complaint in this regard can’t be doubted.

|| Anjan Kumar Samal

“The practice of untouchability is intolerable to me. I do not like it at all.”–Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

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The Apex Court made fresh guidelines for this SC/ST Act and especially for the matter of investigation before the FIR, ban on immediate arrest, provision of anticipatory bail.

After the 2018 order, there were demonstrations across the country over this particular issue. The government restored the old law through Parliament.

Also, a review petition was also filed in the court.

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 The court remarked that even though the SC / ST community has been guaranteed dignified life by the constitution, they are still struggling for equality in the country. 

The highest court of the country further urged that Scheduled Caste- Scheduled Tribe (SC / ST) people are still victims of untouchability in the country. Such people are still thrown into the sewer for cleaning without a mask and machinery. We cannot leave them to die. 

The Supreme Court last Tuesday withdrew its last year’s decision on the SC / ST Act.

That judgment of 2018 contained instructions such as not directly arresting the accused of atrocities against the SC and ST community, writing an FIR only after investigation and granting anticipatory bail.

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Last Tuesday, the three-member bench withdrew the earlier decision of the two judges and also commented on the previous decision along with some recommendations.

The court informed that there was no need to investigate before the arrest and only after giving an order like FIR. The court said that it is the job of the legislature to make laws.

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No judgment can be pronounced against the spirit of the constitution of our Country. There are many fake cases being filed in this act even which are the result of poor scrutiny and human error. It cannot be said that these caste people have made fake cases for compensation.

Therefore every complaint cannot be viewed with suspicion.

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