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Sushma did vacate the bungalow and won Millions of hearts

Former Foreign Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj vacated her official bungalow within a month of forming a new government.

–By Anjan K Samal

She herself gave this information on Tweeter and people on social Media started praising her. Some People commented that in India many times it has been seen that the government sometimes bound to knock the door of court to bring back the government bungalow. Therefore Sushma Swaraj put an example from which many greedy political leaders should learn.

Let us know that Sushma Swaraj had not contested the last Loksabha Election and also she is no longer a Minister.

According to the rules, the former MPs have to vacate their bungalows within a month of the dissolution of the Loksabha. But some leaders don’t vacate the Governemnt Bungalows even after staying for a long period as if their father’s property.

So in this case absolutely Former Cabinet Minister,Sushma Swaraj did vacate the Bungalow and won the Millions of heart.



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