Tarot Healing with Bidisha : When will BTS come to India, and to which city or cities?

BTS is a K-pop boyband that has passionate fans in every country in the world. They need no introduction to Army, Adorable Representative MC for Youth, but for the sake of formality, let’s try to list their any staggering accomplishments here. Apart from collecting awards left, right and centre since 2013, their album sales are in the billions, their concerts are sold-out shows all the time without exception, and they have been recognised as organic cultural ambassadors by their own government. As a group, BTS has been invited to the White House, the UN headquarters, and got a standing ovation at the 2022 Grammy Awards, which is basically a standing ovation from the most influential music industry in the world. Apart from their professional achievements, the seven boys are loved by their fans for being grounded, humble, funny, talented, and spreading the message of personal authenticity by being authentic themselves (aside from the usual celebrity attributes of good looks, good looks, and good looks).

But when are they coming to India?

The band revealed that they almost came to Mumbai in 2020, but the Covid pandemic derailed their plans. Now the band is enlisting for mandatory military service turn by turn, and will complete their obligations in 2025. They have already performed in Korea, Japan, North America, South America, UK… apna time kab ayega!?

Let’s see what the cards have to say.

These are the cards that came. Through careful interpretation, I say that they are most likely to visit us in 2026 and 2028. They will have to hustle quite a bit to make 2026 happen, and whatever they do in 2026, even if it doesn’t culminate in a big concert, their presence in 2028 will be strong and powerful, something we won’t be able to ignore. They are also strategising hard for this, and the announcement will be made in a very unexpected way. They will definitely want to return even afterwards, but the process of making that happen will be burdensome for them and BigHit, their mothership. They will return, but we will have to give them their space and time to do it the right way. I purposely avoided the year 2025 because their producer, Bang Shi Hyuk, has made it clear to the media that a comeback in 2025 is not guaranteed because 2025 is when each of the members will be fully done with their military service.

Now lets see which Indian cities they are likely to come to.

These are the cards I got. Through careful interpretation, I can see that they are looking at cities beyond the obvious ones like Mumbai and Delhi. Unlike in the previous spread, the cards here are picking up strongly on their current energy. What is very clear is that they definitely want to come to India, and are considering their options. They are battling fears and uncertainty about their own future as a band, though for us it may be a foregone conclusion (yes, they’re coming back again together for sure!). And it’s time to start saving because a priceless experience awaits us!

Hope this has made your day, Army! Just like it has made mine!

Bidisha Ghosal
Bidisha Ghosal is a tarot card reader and energy healer. She believes in driving personal growth with these tools. With over 12 years of experience in healing, having gone through various systems like Reiki and Access Bars Consciousness, she has designed and formulated her own healing system, which is based on the knowledge and awareness that each individual has the power to heal themselves, even as they may engage her to heal them herself. She encourages clients to use the tarot cards as a way to find the deeper threads of life, instead of just sticking to surface mechanics of life, though she will happily use them to guide you on which travel destination will be the best one for your honeymoon! Her primary purpose is to revolutionise lives by making people know themselves thoroughly, beyond their family and social conditionings.

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