Tarotscope for August 16-31, 2019 by Parul P Agarwal

ARIES (21 Mar – 20 Apr)

This is the best time for love and relationships. You will be able to experience true, deep love and commitment. Singles have a very good chance to meet someone important that can lead to a love romance. At work, you may face a dilemma or inner conflict, so it is advisable to listen to your heart. Try and do different things and learn by opposites. You are likely to meet like minded people who will inspire you and help you grow. Overall it is a very favourable time to feel peace and contentment!

TAURUS (21 Apr – 20 May)

This fortnight you may feel a little disappointed so do not expect too much from others. At work, someone may try to belittle you or betray you so avoid sharing your secrets with anyone. In relationships, be considerate about your partner’s feelings and communicate well. Do not take anything or anyone for granted. Overall, it’s a time of introspection and staying in awareness.

GEMINI (21 May – 20 Jun)

This is the ideal time to bring love and compassion to anything you do. Listen to your intuition before taking any decisions. A female in particular may influence you during this time. She may be your wife, mother, sibling, boss or any friend. In relationships you will feel appreciated and loved. At work your creativity will be rewarded and may bring you financial gains. Health will be good too. Overall a very favorable period in matters of heart!

CANCER (21 Jun – 22 Jul)

This fortnight you need to stand up for what you believe in. Things that were stuck are likely to speed up now provided you take the necessary actions. But remember not to overdo or rush into things. Your competitors might try to create hindrances for you so you need to protect your energies. Do not let people control you or belittle you.  Just believe in yourself and don’t hesitate to speak your mind. Remember you always have the power to turn the situation in your favor!

 LEO (23 Jul – 23 Aug)

This fortnight you can expect some new beginnings that may lead to important events in life. New projects, ideas, thoughts and relationships are on horizon. Expect blessings coming your way in disguise. This is not the time to allow negativity to breed in your mind, rather rise above trivialities and think positive. In relationships, be honest in a polite way and take responsibility for your actions. In health, avoid excess of any kind. Remember to feel the fear and face it anyway!

VIRGO (24 Aug – 22 Sep)

Look forward to a very pleasant fortnight full of indulgences. In fact make a wish, because it is likely to get fulfilled this fortnight. Work will be done well and appreciated. Relationships and friendships will be loving and harmonious. It foretells happiness, contentment and peace. The only advice is not to go overboard on indulgences.  Health wise watch out for weight gain!! Overall, all is well!!!

LIBRA (23 Sep – 23 Oct)

This is the time to think out of the box and expect the unexpected. At work, you may feel stuck so remember you always have the choice either to change the situation or to walk out of it. In relationships, re-evaluate what is it you are looking out for as over expectations often lead to disappointments. Do not let the demands of others make you feel powerless or restricted. Expect the best even as you are preparing for the worst. Remember courage and patience can change almost any situation!

SCORPIO (24 Oct – 22 Nov)

This is the best time to keep a balanced and calm approach to get your desired results.  Business will take an upward swing, and new projects will be in the making. You will receive money out through your own business or business done out of home. You will feel compassionate towards people around you and in return you will be rewarded for your kindness. Relationships will be nurturing and supportive. Health is good as long as you treat yourself with love and care. Overall, a period of contentment and gratitude.

SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov – 21 Dec)

This is a period of major transformation and change. You may have sudden deep insight or some circumstance may shake you a bit, but it will all be in your future betterment. A chapter of life will close and a new one will begin. In relationships, you may take some important decisions or you may even decide to move on. Overall, you need to remember everything happens for good!

CAPRICORN (22 Dec – 20 Jan)

This fortnight you need to balance responsibility and benevolence. You may receive an unexpected gift, money raise or a compliment. You will be able to give and receive generously. Relationships are happy and balanced as long as you avoid being too needy. Just know your worthiness and be kind. Remember what you reap, you sow!

AQUARIUS (21 Jan – 18 Feb)

This fortnight, you will be able to overcome any challenges that come your way and come out on top. Your work will be valued and hard work will be rewarded. You will get support from majority. In relationships, expect happier times ahead. You may even get a chance to celebrate. Health wise you will feel good about yourself. Overall, a period of advancement and good news!

PISCES (19 Feb – 20 Mar)

This is the time to focus on two main priorities in life even though you may be tempted to multi-task. It is the time to be flexible and embrace all challenges. It is also the period of fun, laughter and good times. In relationships, give priority to your relation as there may be few ups and downs. Try and infuse more romance in the relationship. At work, delegate the work when necessary. This is the good time to invest however take calculated risks. Overall, a time to work hard and party harder!

Parul P Agarwal
Delhi Based Parul P Agarwal has carved a niche for herself as an Ace Tarot Reader, Numerologist and Past Life Healer. Parul is blessed with the powers of intuition and clairvoyance. With almost a decade long experience in this field, she is trained in multiple spiritual practices. (Email: parul206@gmail.com)

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