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Technology could able a mother to meet her dead daughter: She talked, even touched

Seoul: With the help of technology, you can now meet your dead relatives, touch them and even talk to them.

|| Dharmendra Singh

Recently such an unprecedented incident was experienced in a television show in South Korea.

According to media reports, in a show here, a mother was introduced to her daughter with virtual reality, who had died in 2016.


The mother not only touched her daughter but also talked with her. During the conversation, the daughter assured her mother that no longer she is feeling any kind of pain. This newly introduced technology used to touch-sensitive gloves and audio.

Initially, the mother was hesitating to touch the digital form of her daughter, though the dead daughter held her hand after which the mother joined her. After a while, this virtual journey came to an end. At last, the daughter told her mother that she was tired then and wanted to sleep.

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