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Thalorh Balram’s coming of age novel diversion of death takes readers into oasis of love

Figuring out life as it came his way, Thalorh Balram wrote his debut novel ‘Diversion of Death’, an intense love story where the individuals go around debunking life’s myths. Catering to the world’s inquisitiveness to understand the ways for touching horizons, Thalorh has woven his story in a way that answers all those questions.

Born and brought up in a small town in Rajasthan, Thalorh Balram has often found himself dwindling between two different generations. One who is by heart attached to the traditional values and the other who is flowing with the advent of technology. Figuring out how life has changed over the years, he found his true calling in writing. With a lot of self-encouragement, he gathered his thoughts and started to pen down the world which came to be known as ‘Diversion of Death’.

Thalorh Balram

Exploring the world of writing, the author says, “The best thing about being a writer is living the thrill and excitement of creating a world where your thoughts rule. Wondering how our characters would unfold the story in the next moment is a priced feeling. But again it is not all golden. One constantly needs editing their drafts because you’ll always find something better to say. And, the search for a suitable publication never ends. Though I have to say that all of it is worth it when you see it come to life and be appreciated for your efforts by the masses.”

Thalorh initially lacked the confidence to share with anyone that he was working on a book. With his first draft all set he decided to disclose it to his dear ones and took all the criticism positively. One of his reviews read, “The story is very gripping from the first page itself. Balram has portrayed the characters very well, with an intensely good plot and a strength in the characters. It has what it takes to bind the readers with his story. Being a debut, it needs to be said that it is a commendable effort. For all those who like to read an intense romance, must go for it.”

His second book is anticipated to release by Diwali this year following the age-old traditions of Rajasthan. It is undoubtedly going to be a treat for all the bibliophiles and supposedly carries the vibe to engage as many readers as possible.

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